Bubblelicious visit... Taiwan

Bubblelicious visit... Taiwan

Tips for Bubble Tea Success!

If you followed us on Snapchat recently, you’d know that we were recently back in Taiwan to touch base with our factories and see what new developments they had in store for us. Apart from gaining a few pounds – Taiwan has some of the best (read: calorific) street food on the planet – we discovered some interesting trends and developments in Bubble Tea. We were given access into the top secret Juice Ball factory where the recipe is tightly guarded (and coveted). We can’t reveal ..

Bubblelicious Tea - Back in Taiwan!

Why hello there Boba-lovers! Ah, Autumn is upon us once again, the leaves turning golden brown falling from the trees, the air around you becoming noticeably cooler – Autumn is undoubtedly beautiful in the UK. But what if we don’t want Summer to be over just yet? We go on holiday! Ok, so it’s a working holiday but a change of scenery is just what we need to get inspired! And where better than the home sweet home of our favourite beverage? Yup, the Bubblelicious Tea-m are back in Taiw..

Final day in Taiwan =(

On  our return to the hotel last night, front desk bought a package up to our room, a gift from Mr Chang & co! It was a box of Tai Yang (sun) Cakes and pineapple cakes! We had mentioned at some point that we wanted to buy some, but hadn't had time. Mr Chang had been thoughtful enough to remember this and went out and got some for us. We were so touched! It was a lovely gift, we're sure everyone will enjoy them when we get back to the UK and  the taste of them will bring back mem..

Day 6 in Taiwan

This will be our last full day here in Taichung =( We are up early and make our way to the office of another one of our suppliers. Its another scorcher today but I think we've gotten used to it! And we certainly wouldn't complain if it was like this everyday back home- but only if there's air con everywhere! When we get to the office Mr L comes to greet us. His office is full of samples of powders, syrups, teas and equipment. There is a table set up with beakers, mixers and cocktail shake..

Day 5 in Taiwan

We met another one of our suppliers today. They kindly offered to pick us up from our hotel, so we went to meet them down in the hotel lobby at 10:00am. We are greeted by Mr Chang, the company director and his colleague Ryan, who tell us that they will be taking us to visit the actual tapioca factory where the pearls are made. This is exactly the the sort of thing we wanted to do whilst we were visiting, as it will give us insight into the whole process of how one of the most important compon..

Day 4 in Taiwan

We are spending another day training with Ms J today, and we will actually be filming some of our videos! Armed with the knowledge that Ms J had bestowed on us, we begin our shooting at the BBT counter bar in the office. Being able to train here is great, as we have all the relevant equipment all set up, with all the necessary ingredients, so we really get a feel of what it would be like to run a BBT cafe, and can roughly estimate how long it would take to make the drinks. It isn't long at al..

Day 3 in Taiwan

Today we go out to visit the first of our manufacturers. Taiwanese people are notoriously shy, so we won't mention their names out of respect for them! One of the company's associates, Mr A, came to collect us from the hotel. The manufacturers is about a 15 minute drive away. We ask about the Taiwanese culture, and Mr A answers all our questions on the way there. We learn that Taiwanese people are very hard working and that family is very important to them. So far everyone we have spoken to h..

Day 2 in Taiwan

Warning - Picture heavy post! Awaking to our first morning in Taiwan, it is a gloriously sunny day outside! We wonder outside of our hotel looking for somewhere to eat. We don't have to look very far. There is a Vietnamese restaurant just around the corner called Quan An Viet Nam (Section 2, ZiYou Rd) and we pop in for a bowl of Pho. For those unfamiliar with Pho, it is a flat noodle in soup served with a meat of your choice, thinly sliced onions, bean sprouts and green herbs.   ..

Our first night in Taiwan...

This wasn't originally part of the plan, but we have decided to blog about our trip to Taiwan and give our bubbles, (you!) a taste of what it was like! After missing our train to London and then almost missing both our planes, (Duty free shopping is dangerous!) we are finally arrive in Taipei after 11 exhausting hours! There is more travelling to come though, as we still have to make a journey to Taichung, where we will be staying. The quickest way to get from Taipei to Taichung is by..
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