Tips for Bubble Tea Success!

If you followed us on Snapchat recently, you’d know that we were recently back in Taiwan to touch base with our factories and see what new developments they had in store for us. Apart from gaining a few pounds – Taiwan has some of the best (read: calorific) street food on the planet – we discovered some interesting trends and developments in Bubble Tea.

We were given access into the top secret Juice Ball factory where the recipe is tightly guarded (and coveted). We can’t reveal too much, but let's just say that there is a lot that goes into making those tiny balls! We’re also proud to report that all of our products are made with so much care and under such tight regulation that we are in no doubt of the quality of your product.

Taiwan is saturated with Bubble Tea stores – sometimes an entire block of them. This made us think: How do they stay afloat? The answer – choose a small menu and make it WORK. You’d often see queues of people outside a tiny kiosk selling only 1 type of tea and yet have masses of success due to their way of perfecting that flavour.


The most exciting news from our trip is that we¹ve set up an international office in the heart of Taiwan. Our team there will be managing all of our international orders from January 2016. More information about this will be available in the New Year. 

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