Colder Months, Smaller Balls


Officially Autumn
Goodbye Summer, with your golden tans, short hemlines and BBQs…

Hello Autumn, bring on the coats and scarves, hot teas and festivities
Can you spy any Christmas decorations hanging up yet?
If you haven’t, no doubt you will soon as we come into the last few months of the year…
It’s been a great Summer here at Bubblelicious - we’ve reached the ripe old age of 5
had a multitude of offers and promotions going on –
all the while keeping the UK & Europe in supply of Bubblelicious bubble tea. 

But as the seasons change, so must we...introducing new products including SMALLER juice ball tubs (what were you thinking?!).

 Merry Matcha

Matcha Green Lattes are very popular as temperatures get lower.
Did you know that our Premium Matcha Green Latte powder only has 3 ingredients?
Mix in with hot milk – we like soy milk but you can use any milk of your preference.
Toppings like red bean and tapioca wouldn’t go amiss in this warming drink.

Tempting new flavours...

Say hello to these spanking new products to add onto your menus:
Coconut Syrup

Coconut is one of the popular creamy bubble tea flavours, whether made on its own,
mixed with another flavour or with added texture like sweet red bean or classic tapioca.
We now also offer a refreshing Coconut Syrup option - easy to use and mix,
if you don't have Coconut flavour on your menu already, this will be ideal.
Incorporate into your Winter menu now!


 Egg-cellent Egg Pudding

We already have Caramel, Mango & Taro, many requests for this flavour too –
so here it is guys, yummy egg pudding is a favourite Asian flavour similar to custard.
Try with a taro slush or combine with Tapioca and coconut jellies
with original milk tea for a really great texture combo.

Smaller 1kg Juice Balls

We mentioned these ages ago in an ancient blog post
-sorry to keep you waiting guys, they do say good things come to those who wait..?
We’ve finally decided to bring in the mini juice ball tubs!
In a neat little 1kg tub size – perfect for those of you who only require a small amount.
Buy perfect presents with singular tubs available and no need for pallet dispatch!
What are you waiting for?


Ice, Ice Baby

Also seeing a return will be the snow ice machine – but not as we know it…
This product has been given a makeover, now in a much easier to manage size.
No need to worry about changing large ice blocks over when changing flavours,
each mini ice block serving can be made and stored in the freezer

Perfectly convenient for clients tight on space and freezer storage.
Definitely on track to take the UK by (snow) storm.

Stay Classy Bubbles

Coffee with your Tea? No, seriously, you can ask your customers this now
Coffee jelly will be making a comeback this season,
popularized by coffee giants Starbucks and other chains.
Delicious in bubble tea as well as iced coffee drinks.

Change to our Terms and Conditions
Our Terms & Conditions have changed– these are important changes which affect all of you so be sure to have a read through on our website. Click here to read more
The main changes affect delivery policy, cancellation policy as well as returns.

Keep an eye out for our WINTER MENU blog coming out next week introducing our new products including 30(!) new flavours and recipes to keep you warm in the colder months and the customers coming back.  Bubblelicious Tea(m)

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