This Will Drive You Nuts


Hot weather also means many events are on - from music festivals to Mardi Gras and there is no better way to stay cool and look cool than with Bubblelicious Bubble Tea.

We have some exciting, new products coming in this month, so make sure you have some of these available on your menu!


new flavours

Syrups & Puddings


 There will be a couple of additions to our syrup range as we introduce Plum Dew Syrup and new Summer Watermelon Syrup. Plum Dew is a great flavour as we transition from the Summer months to Autumn, the perfect kind of sweet and sour taste. And for those of you who are clinging onto the remnants of Summer days and holidays past? Summer Watermelon will take you back.

Pudding powders will be a great addition to the milky bubble teas  - we will be looking forwards to seeing these on the bubble tea menus in and around the UK!

Serve just with bubble tea, serve with a variety of textures, on fro-yo, on ice cream, in slushie style drinks – they are easy to use and even easier to eat! Available in TaroMango or Caramel flavours these easy to make pudding jellies are set to make a wobble on bubble tea menus.

. Papaya Month .

Starting from 1st September we will add a FREE AQ Papaya Powder*
for orders over £150.00 to celebrate Papaya Month!
At Bubblelicious HQ, we love adding fresh milk to make a refreshing, creamy papaya milk drink.

*whilst stocks last

Bubblelicious will be closed from 29th-31st August for Bank Holiday
We will be open as usual from 1st September onwards

Last orders for delivery this week will be Thursday 27th at 12.30pm

Any orders placed after this time will be dispatched out for delivery Tuesday 1st Sept onwards.


Many thanks as usual to our customers, we hope you enjoy our new products and have a wonderful August 

(or what remains of it - September is just around the corner!) 

 Bubblelicious Tea(m)


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