Happy Holidays!

Bubblelicious Tea – Winter Update
Christmas... is not an external event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart.
- Freya Stark
Seasons greetings to all of you bubble tea movers n’ shakers! Can you believe we are in the final days of 2014 already? Way too soon we say! Before we start celebrating and ringing in 2015, lets look back at this year - what have been the highlights and lowlights of the year for you? Hopefully there have been more highs than lows! For us here at Bubblelicious Tea, 2014 has been a year to remember!
Early on in the year we set up office in Central London – this has definitely been a highlight for us as we have been able to see many of you guys to discuss your bubble tea needs! There has been no slowing down this year – so many of you have opened new shops and others are now scouting for a second location! More bubble tea for the masses – hurrah to that we say! As well as the new office there is also the second warehouse location and we have welcomed in new members of the Bubblelicious Team to cope with the growing demand!
Of course the biggest highlight of the year for us is…*drum-roll* - YOU GUYS! Because without your support we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this! You have and always will be the bubble in our tea, the tapioca to our fat straw, the B in our Boba – you get the picture right?! 
Let’s have a look at what’s new….
Bubblelicious Tea are excited to be doing a Christmas raffle this year to give our customers a chance to win an Automatic Cup Sealing Machine! Just place an order* with us any time between the 12th Nov - 12th Dec 2014 to be entered into our draw.
All tickets will be entered into our random generator which will select a prize winner at 
12.00pm GMT on the 12th Dec, 2014!
* Orders over £160.00 receive 1 ticket entry, Orders over £350.00 receive 2 tickets entries, Orders over £500.00 receive 3 tickets entries
* Terms and Conditions apply (emailed with raffle tickets)
* Open to UK and EU residents aged 18 years and over only
* Draw open from 12th November, 2014 (0.00am) until 12th December, 2014 (11.00am)
We’ve also got some new products in!
  • Banana Juice Balls – These will be great with a creamy chocolate bubble tea or mix it up with strawberry juice balls for the ultimate Bananaberry bubble tea!
  • Cranberry Juice Balls – Just in time for the festive season! We were toying around with the idea of a turkey flavoured bubble tea – any takers?! No, we didn’t think so either! But these would be awesome with your festive fro-yos – perhaps throw in a little gingerbread man for good cheer!
  • Tiramisu/Hazelnut Premium Syrups – These syrups are back for the colder months! Delicious warm! 
  • Pear Syrup – This tasty new syrup made its debut last month! Sweet and refreshing it doesn’t half taste bad warm either! Delicious with a jasmine tea base and generous side of tapioca! 
  • Winter Melon Syrup – This massively underrated flavour has a massive following in its native Asia – slightly caramelised and earthy this is particularly delicious with grass jelly! 

Bubblelicious Tea’s Sale is also ongoing – check out what we have available at discounted prices! (*Please check expiry dates for all Sale stock)

Looking for something warm to add to your menu for the winter months? Have a look below for some Bubblelicious inspired ideas:
Classic Milk Tea
This timeless classic is to be found on practically ALL bubble tea menus! As delicious hot as it is cold – serve with sweet red bean or tapioca. Even better – try BOTH!
Taro Roasted Oolong Tea
The smokiness of the roasted oolong base infused with the vanilla-ish, maltish (how would you describe the taste of taro other than divine!?) taro is a bubble tea enthusiasts match made in heaven…
Using our Premium Latte powders you can create these delicious hot drinks – perhaps you can offer these with steamed milk or steamed soya milk as a yummy alternative. Available in Matcha Green Tea, Black Tea and Earl Grey flavours. 
Kumquat Ceylon Tea
Citrusy and tart, try a warm kumquat served with an Assam black tea base – this is like lemon tea only better! 
Please see below for our business hours this festive season and ensure you are fully stocked during our closed periods:
Tuesday 23rd December, 2014


11.00am - Pallets / 13.00pm - Courier 

for delivery 24th December, 2014

Wednesday 24th December, 2014 (Christmas Eve)

Open 09.00am - 15.00pm

Orders today will be delivered 5th January, 2015

Thursday 25th December, 2014 (Christmas Day) Closed
Friday 26th December, 2014 (Boxing Day) Closed
Saturday 27th December, 2014 Closed
Sunday 28th December, 2014 Closed
Monday 29th December, 2014 Closed
Tuesday 30th December, 2014 Closed
Wednesday 31st December, 2014 Closed
Thursday 1st January, 2015 (New Year's Day) Closed
Friday 2nd January, 2015 Normal Business Hours resume
To make sure you don’t run out during the busiest shopping period of the year we advise you to stock up to make sure you don’t run out of the essentials, make sure you have enough cups, fat straws etc!  Whilst on the subject of busy periods, this season is also the busiest season for delivery men and couriers, so whilst we will endeavour to get your orders out to you please be advised that there may be some delays with orders – especially when we reopen on the new-year. Any email queries or orders sent during our closed period will be actioned as soon as we return to the office.
We hope we will continue to do business with all of you next year, however for now please let us take this opportunity to wish everyone the merriest of Christmases and a Happy New Year 2014 ahead.
Keep warm and stay safe guys!
Team Bubblelicious!

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