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Hair gets lighter, Skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer, Drinks get colder,
Music gets louder, Nights get longer,
Life gets better…
It’s hot out. OMG it is baking hot. You feel rivulets of sweat on your back. Every breath of air you take is parching your throat. You wait patiently… how much more of this sweltering heat can you take? And then you appear… tall, cool and exactly what I need. Beads of condensation roll off your sides. I lick my lips in anticipation…
…before I take one almighty GULP through my fat straw! Ahhh, there is nothing on this earth more refreshing and satisfying than an ice cold bubble tea on a hot Summer’s day! 
Hola to all you boba-heads! Yup, peak season for bubble tea is BACK! And boy do we know it! I’m sure that you’ve all been getting increasingly busier as the mercury rises – and it looks to stay that way as we’re set to have a scorcher of a Summer this year! Let’s have a look at what’s happening here at Bubblelicious Tea HQ…
This season, we are exploring the theme of being unique and celebrating the individuality between all you stores. Right down from the theme and concept, to your menu and drinks. Throughout the last 4 years, we have watched many of you pitch an idea, build your company image and then design out your menu with very different and unique drinks menus that are suited for YOUR market; it has been so inspiring to see how different everyone can be and together, all building the bubble tea market out in Europe.
Bubblelicious Tea are proud to be part of the bubble tea movement and with the largest range of products in the UK, we are encouraging you you all be to be different and unique as possible.
Over the next few weeks, look out our AIO range completely restocking including popular Caramel Cafe and some new flavours popping up including AQ Pudding Powder, AQ Ginger and Yoghurt Syrup to name but a few.
Also, you will notice some new machinery popping up including our new Snow Ice machines and our introducing our Blender 2000 – Just when you thought bubble tea couldn’t be cooler, it just got ICE COLD! Make perfect bubble slushes with our nifty blender - perfect for those hot summer nights!
Juice Balls have been flying out of the warehouse - the popularity of this product knows no bounds! We are so proud to be the first ones to introduce them to the UK and have one of the widest selection of flavours available out there! Our current stocks can be found HERE!
Here at Bubblelicious Tea we don’t just want to supply you with our products – we want to offer you solutions to your business, share our knowledge, experience and answer any bubble tea related questions. Many of you are building your brand with the help of our customised equipment service which includes high quality cups, straws, sleeves and seals at competitive prices and those who have booked meetings often have fun, informative discussions regarding their marketing plans. Our in-house designer can also help with posters, loyalty cards and adhesive vinyl boards so get in touch with us now if this is something you are interested in.
Posters are also available now for all you bubble tea sellers! Have a look at what designs we’ll have available this season:
(more available on site)
Check out our current offer for any 2 posters for £7.99 on sale now!
Although we may have settled into our new office it doesn’t mean that we’ll be resting on our laurels. We take our bubble tea very seriously and will be seeing what we can do to provide all our customers with an even better service. This week, we have opened up a second warehouse in a very central England location to ensure you have a better logistics and delivery service and in the next few weeks, we will be looking at repackaging all our fragile items to reduce compulsory pallet options which will benefit a lot of you.
Our cut off times for same day dispatch have changed and are listed below; any orders placed after this time will be dispatched the following working day:
13.30pm - Standard Courier
11.30am - Pallet Delivery
Please speak to us if you have any questions regarding this.
Finally, as always, we would like to thank all of our customers for their loyal support – we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, no matter how big or small the order you all make a difference! Thank you for loving bubble tea as much as us – now let’s make it a Summer to remember!
Whether you are spending this season in the UK or abroad, we hope y’all have a wonderful time! 
Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sunkissed hair, that endless summer, take me there!

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