Happy New Year!

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” — Oprah Winfrey
Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! We hope you all had a ball over the holidays – eating, drinking and laughing with family and friends! But just like the last mince pie, Christmas is gone and it’s time to get your work on! Well, it is for us anyway! Christmas will be back before you can say egg-nog so let’s get on with what we hope will be a magical 2014 for all!
We are super glad it’s January – not just because it’s a brand spanking new year, but because we have yet more shipments coming in! The November shipment did stupendously well – we hope you are enjoying the new products! As usual it’s been all systems go for Team Bubblelicious – here’s the latest guys!


New Address & Contact Details

We’ve been working on a move for a while for all those who prefer a face-to-face conversation or those of you who are flying in from abroad to find out further information about bubble tea. Our new location? None other than the capital city – LONDON! Yes, you’ll be able pop in and visit us at a central location where we’ll be opening up for appointments within the next 4 weeks (please email or call to make an appointment). Exciting times ahead my friend…I wonder if the Queen would like to come round for tea? Put the kettle on – you never know! 

Bubblelicious Tea 
16 Hanover Square
W1S 1HT 

Please also take note of our new London phone number
TEL: 02035197888


Updated Website

Many of our prices have been reviewed and updated - check out our multi-buy offers and take advantage of them, that’s what they are there for! More quality goods for your money! Buy powders from £5.49/kg and syrups from £7.49 and our deliciously popular tapioca from £35.99/CTN.

Pallet rates are now available online! If your order needs to be sent out by pallet (*any order with juice balls MUST be sent out on pallet) you can work out the costs by clicking on 'Shopping Cart' and clicking on click on shipping estimates to find out what costs may be before checking out . There will be an option to enter your destination (no log in required) – et voila!

New Products

AQ Pina Colada Powder (1kg) – Close your eyes, take a sip – it almost tastes like you’re on holiday! The irresistible pineapple and coconut combination is just the little ray of sunshine you need this Winter!

Bubblelicious 3TEA Powders Launch (1kg) – Available in Honeydew, Mango, Milk Tea, Taro, Vanilla flavours: We are proud to present to you our Bubblelicious 3TEA Powders! We already have an extensive list of powders but they say that variety is the spice of life! We like to think so too – these powders were tested by several of our customers in the UK and got such excellent feedback that they demanded we bring it in! 

Bubblelicious Fresh Tea Range Launch (600g) - Available in next week – We’ve expanded our fresh tea range with new flavours initially launching in Assam, Ceylon, Japanese Sencha, Jasmine, Roast Oolong! These natural loose teas and tea bags are really full flavoured and will give your menu a new depth and aroma. Brewed stronger and for a longer period, these omit the use for additional powders and syrups and the great tastes had us all a buzz in Taiwan.

Bubblelicious Natural Syrups (2.5kg) – Available in Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry flavours: Our syrup range now includes 4 fantastic Natural Syrups! These syrups are made from real fruit juices and are free from additives and colours but still retain that great Bubblelicious taste!

Fried Cane Sugar Syrup (aka Black Diamond Syrup 25kg pail) – This little gem will transform the taste of tapioca/bubble tea as you know it! Add to Tapioca for a hint of smoky sweetness or add a bit to bubble tea to enhance the flavor – it will add a richness and intensity that tastes oh so decadent!

Sealing Film: Zodiac Stars – Like bubble tea doesn’t look cute enough! Up the cuteness factor even more with this adorable Zodiac Star design!

Fructose Stand – For those who order Fructose/Fried Cane Sugar Syrup, you will know that 25kg is NOT light! Save your energy and let this awesome stand do all the hard work! With its swivel motion pouring out fructose should be easy as 1-2-TEA!

Thermometer – This will come in super handy when you brew the tea! Optimize your tea by getting the temperature bang on!

Cleaning Pads – Yup, here at Bubblelicious Tea we provide everything but the kitchen sink! These cleaning pads are specifically made for absorbing liquids so just what you need to wipe up those spills and keep your bubble tea bar sparkling clean!

Of course other than these brand spanking new products all other products will be replenished including the below:

AQ Avocado

AQ Papaya

White Peach Syrup

AQ Blueberry

AQ Slush (Stabilizer)

QQ Tricolour Plain Jelly

AQ Creamer

AQ Taro

Magic Coffee Jelly

AQ Matcha Green Tea

Mini Mochi - Blueberry

Passion Fruit Jelly

AQ Milk Tea

Mini Mochi - Chocolate

Green Apple Juice Balls

2014 Ahead

So, New Year, New Resolutions! This year, we're looking at more ways to improve our customer service, stock stability and reduce prices down where we can for you! We aim to have the largest range of bubble tea supplies around and at the same time, not compromising the service for you. If you have any feedback, the team are always on hand to take your suggestions into mind.

2014 looks to be an exciting time as we expand out and launch additional products and services available to you... watch this space - we have some very interesting ideas about to launch!

As always though, a massive Thank You for all the support we’ve had from you! We're wishing you all the very best for 2014 ahead as we look toward growing the bubble tea industry in Europe with you all.


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