Winter Update

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Howdy! Hope y’all are keeping warm because it sure is mighty cold outside! Yes, that means only one thing – we are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year! Is it a coincidence that our shipment is due at this time? With the crazy Summer and Autumn we’ve had here at Bubblelicious Tea HQ we are super excited and looking forwards to an equally crazy Winter!

Now for those of you who read our blogs you will know that we were out in Taiwan not long ago sourcing all the very latest in bubble tea – all those long nights and heavy tasting sessions have come to fruition! All the best products we selected are HERE!

Ready to see what we got? LETS GOOOOO!

November Shipment (available now) - New Products

New products to hit the Bubblelicious Tea range this month:

Cherry Juice Balls / Peach Juice Balls (3.2kg tubs) - Juice Balls are still selling hard with a never ending demand – we’ve bought these two flavours back so get ‘em while they’re fresh – they won’t be on the shelves for long!

Hisbiscus Syrup (2.5kg) – We have bought this in due to popular demand! Now for those of you who don’t know what hisbiscus is, it’s a flower traditionally dried and brewed as a tea. Red in colour with a tart sour taste similar to cranberry it will complement those Peach Juice Balls very well!

Large Strawberry Roses - These are a delight to both the eye and the palette – a stunning accompaniment to any dessert (not for bubble tea)! 

Mixed Fruit Noodles (3.8kg) – SLURP away at your bubble tea like it’s a bowl of ramen! We have yet to see these in a bubble tea shop in the UK – don’t be the last to know!

Yakult Jelly (3.2kg) – Yakult flavoured bubble tea products have a HUGE following in Asia! That sweet little bottle of yoghurty goodness now in jelly form!

Hazelnut Coffee Jelly (3.3kg) – Besides our Magic Coffee Jelly we now have Hazelnut Coffee Jelly! This will be great for Crimbo – tastes divine in any creamy bubble tea!

Cranberry Jelly (3.2kg) – Last but not least, Cranberry Jelly will be a hot seller this Christmas. Not to be confused with the cranberry jelly you have with turkey, this sweet jelly will get your festive feels a-go-go!

December Shipment - New Products

Even more new products!

AQ Pina Colada Powder (1kg) – Close your eyes, take a sip – it almost tastes like you’re on holiday! The irresistible pineapple and coconut combination is just the little ray of sunshine you need this Winter!

Bubblelicious 3TEA Powders Launch (1kg) – Available in Honeydew, Mango, Milk Tea, Taro, Vanilla flavours: We are proud to present to you our Bubblelicious 3TEA Powders! We already have an extensive list of powders but they say that variety is the spice of life! We like to think so too – these powders were tested by several of our customers in the UK and got such excellent feedback that they demanded we bring it in! 

Bubblelicious Fresh Tea Range Launch (600g) - Available in our second December shipment – We’ve expanded our fresh tea range with new flavours initially launching in Assam, Ceylon, Japanese Sencha, Jasmine, Roast Oolong! These natural loose teas and tea bags are really full flavoured and will give your menu a new depth and aroma. Brewed stronger and for a longer period, these omit the use for additional powders and syrups and the great tastes had us all a buzz in Taiwan.

Bubblelicious Natural Syrups (2.5kg) – Available in Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry flavours: Our syrup range now includes 4 fantastic Natural Syrups! These syrups are made from real fruit juices and are free from additives and colours but still retain that great Bubblelicious taste!

Black Diamond Fried Sugar Syrup (25kg pail) – This little gem will transform the taste of tapioca/bubble tea as you know it! Add to Tapioca for a hint of smoky sweetness or add a bit to bubble tea to enhance the flavor – it will add a richness and intensity that tastes oh so decadent!

Sealing Film: Zodiac Stars – Like bubble tea doesn’t look cute enough! Up the cuteness factor even more with this adorable Zodiac Star design!

Fructose Stand – For those who order Fructose/Black Diamond Sugar Syrup, you will know that 25kg is NOT light! Save your energy and let this awesome stand do all the hard work! With its swivel motion pouring out fructose should be easy as 1-2-TEA!

Thermometer – This will come in super handy when you brew the tea! Optimize your tea by getting the temperature bang on!

Cleaning Pads – Yup, here at Bubblelicious Tea we provide everything but the kitchen sink! These cleaning pads are specifically made for absorbing liquids so just what you need to wipe up those spills and keep your bubble tea bar sparkling clean!

Of course other than these brand spanking new products all other products will be replenished!

We will see the following back on the Bubblelicious Tea shelves:

November - Back in Stock

Tapioca Pearls Honey Peach Syrup Green Apple Syrup Peach Jelly
Strawberry Juice Balls Mango Syrup Passion Fruit Syrup Brown Sugar Jelly
Blueberry Juice Balls Pomegranate Syrup Lemon Syrup QQ Tricolour Pineapple Jelly
500ml cups Lychee Syrup Strawberry Jelly Green Tea Jelly
700ml cups Premium Vanilla Syrup Apple Jelly Lychee Jelly
  Kiwi Syrup Mango Jelly  

December - Back in Stock

AQ Avocado AQ Papaya Mini Mochi - Blueberry White Peach Syrup
AQ Blueberry AQ Slush (Stabilizer) Mini Mochi - Chocolate Green Apple Juice Balls
AQ Taro AQ Matcha Green Tea QQ Tricolour Plain Jelly Passion Fruit Jelly
AQ Creamer AQ Milk Tea Magic Coffee Jelly  

The Bubblelicious Tea-m will be bringing you more of the very best bubble tea goods Taiwan has to offer! Thank you to all of our customers for buying Bubblelicious Tea – we say it all the time but we really couldn’t do it without your support!

If you have any questions about any of the products just drop us an email – we’re always here to help!

Take it easy guys – we hope you have busy sales in the run-up to Christmas!

See y’all next month!



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