Bubblelicious Summer Update

Wish you were here!
Summer time has officially started and just in time for Bubblelicious to roll out this seasons new and exclusive products. With the recent success of our new AQ powder range (Avocado, Peanut, Sesame and Durian) and syrup flavours (Ginger, White Peach and Watermelon) the Bubblelicious Team couldn't resist finding this seasons hottest picks to refresh your menus.

July will see the following products available on site:

  • AQ Lychee Powder
  • AQ Green Apple Powder
  • AQ Peach Powder
  • Original Coconut Jelly
  • Pomegranate Syrup
  • Cantaloupe Syrup
  • Rose Syrup
  • Red Apple Syrup
  • Nanyang Fruit Syrup
  • Storage Jars (Two Sizes)

Next week we will also see the return of many of our classic AIO powders including Buco Pandan and our new flavour by popular demand, Cookies & Cream!

August Products:

  • Bubblelicious PowdersAQ Passion Fruit Powder
  • AQ Coffee Powder
  • AQ Mango Powder (predicted to be a top seller)
  • AQ Cantaloupe Powder
  • AQ Rose Powder
  • AQ Slush Powder
  • Individual Mochis (Taro and Green Tea)
  • Plum Syrup
  • Mixed Plum Syrup
  • Cherry Syrup
  • Hazelnut Syrup
  • Mint Syrup
  • Brown Sugar Syrup
  • Tiramisu Syrup
  • Magic Balls - Strawberry
  • Magic Balls - Mango
  • Magic Balls - Lychee
Bubblelicious Tea will continue the search for the newest and best products available so please check back for regular updates and new stock. 
If you have any questions or queries regarding above, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Until next time! Have a Bubblelicious day!


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