Bubblelicious Tea's Chinese New Year Surprise

As the Year of the Dragon closes to an end, the Bubblelicious Tea team has been working hard for the last few months, listening to your suggestions and feedback to make sure that the Year of the Snake starts off with a bang!

Stemming from the Grand Design’s show we attended in October, it was absolutely fantastic to meet all our customers, especially the ones who had travelled so far to meet our team! The show was a success with us managing to introduce so many new people to bubble tea and also implement the beginning of the natural range.


We had some great conversations and it was interesting to hear customers’ feedback and suggestions on our company as well. So we took your advice… and now we present to you long, awaited surprise!

As you can see, we have a brand new website for you!

Not only looking more aesthetically pleasing, we have ensured the website is as user friendly as possible and easier to navigate! Some benefits of our new site include:

  • Mobile, Tablet and PC Friendly
  • Ability to check shipping cost prior to signing in/paying
  • Wholesale/Bulk buy discounts
  • Easier navigation
  • Updated FAQ
  • Updated product specifications
  • Full blog archive
  • More user functions
  • Compare products
  • Product Returns Forms

As we were getting so many questions on shipping and wholesale pricing, we have made the pricing more transparent and available and also updated our shipping section so you can check how much shipping will be prior to purchase or how much it will cost to add another product on.

For CNY, we have brought in a lot more brand new products including popular Asian flavours like durian, avocado, peanut and sesame. We have also extended our Natural range to include 8 new flavours. Our customised equipment and additional services tabs also include a lot of new items to cater towards the expanding clientele we have. A summary of the latest products include:


  • AIO Multi-Buy Offers
  • Coffeemate Creamer
  • AQ Creamer
  • AQ Durian
  • AQ Avocado
  • AQ Peanut
  • AQ Sesame
  • AQ Yoghurt
  • Premium Earl Grey
  • Premium Rooibos



  • Fructose Pails (25kg)
  • Mango S
  • AQ Mango S
  • Raspberry
  • Yoghurt
  • Natural Apple
  • Natural Honeydew
  • Natural Lemon
  • Natural Lychee
  • Natural Mango
  • Natural Passion Fruit
  • Natural Peach
  • Natural Strawberry


Customised Equipment

  • Paper Cups / Coffee Cups
  • Paper Bowls
  • Paper Ice Cream Cups
  • Jolly Cups



Juice Balls

  • Natural Green Apple Juice Balls
  • Natural Strawberry Juice Balls


Jellies & Teas

  • Grass Jelly Powder
  • Jasmine Green Tea (1kg) PC



  • Machine Rental
  • Storage




As if all the above wasn’t enough for our surprise, we are also having a Chinese New Year SALE for you to stock up on products at fabulous prices. 

Get Mochi from £0.75 to 4kg tubs of Jelly for £5.00 a tub – great savings to be had! Juice Balls start from £9.00 per tub!


Finally, we wish all our customers to have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Snake provide you with good health, wealth and success!

We thank you all for the immense amount of support you have shown us over the last couple of years and we hope our continued friendships lasts for many years to come.


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