Qoola & Frappe Bliss

Qoola & Frappe Bliss

Vancouver has been hit by a froyo and icy craze as of late. With a Menchie's (hailing from the states) opening at the beginning of the summer, it has been raking in customers due to its convenient location.  Today's focus will be on a local franchise chain, Qoola as well as Frappé Bliss.


Qoola Counter


First off, Qoola.  It's a Vancouver frozen yogurt company that targets the health conscious consumer, with its emphasis on its yogurt choked full of probiotics.  In my opinion, it's much creamier and tastier than that of Menchie's.


Qoola Self Serve


They operate on a self-serve and pay by weight concept.  My favourite flavours are the original, as well as pineapple and cheesecake (which are both limited edition froyo flavours, sadly).  They also offer sorbets, such as their very berry sorbet.


Qoola Menu


Aside from offering self-serve froyo, they have smoothies as well as fresh waffle cones to go with the froyo.


Qoola Toppings Choice


Toppings are self-serve as well! Fresh fruits are popular, as well as assorted jellies and stars...


Toppings Choices


...cereal, cookie bits, and of course, mochi!




On this occasion, I had my pineapple froyo along with the original flavoured froyo.  I topped it with my go-to toppings -- mochi (in both plain and assorted), mango and strawberry juice balls, and star jelly.  The mochi was fresh and soft, adding a nice chewy texture to the froyo.  The juice balls on the other hand, were somewhat crunchy.  I recall the first time I had juice balls, the experience was not unlike having ikura salmon roe.  It's a quick burst of juice, that is sweet and delicious -- much more satisfying than the salty fishy taste of roe.  It went well with the froyo.


Stepping away from froyo, another fairly exclusive shaved ice dessert we have in Richmond is snow ice concept where flavoured ice is shaved thinly.  I've never been a huge fan of snow cones, but I love these desserts from Frappé Bliss.


Frappe Bliss


It's located in the food court of Aberdeen Centre, one of the more popular Asian malls in Richmond.


Frappe Menu


They offer several pre-thought out combinations of flavours, but it's possible to mix and match combos as well.




We ordered the strawberry romance, which came with strawberries and strawberry ice cream.  Although we had a choice of icy, I chose the strawberry flavour because I was feeling uncreative.  We also added mochi rice balls.  Overall, the very soft mochi along with the icy was a good mix.  It added a nice chewiness needed to the fluffy and light flavoured ice.


Guest Post: Janice of Good Eat


Bubblelicious Tea:

Juice BallsJuice BallsJuice BallsJuice BallsJuice Balls


We have a large range of toppings which can be suited for both dessert and bubble tea markets including:

- Mini Mochi

- Juice balls

- Natural Juice balls (no artificial colours)

- Tapioca Pearls

- Jellies (Coconut, Agar, Aloe Vera, Ai-Yu - all suitable for vegetarians)

- Syrups


For those of you who are interested in making the desserts, the Bubblelicious Tea team are helping to cater by offering:

- Snow Ice Machinery

- Snow Ice Powders

- Snow Ice Cups

- Snow Ice Spoons


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