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Since we've been eating in Richmond quite a bit, I realized that I've been visiting countless Taiwanese restaurants that I haven't been to in years. Not to mention, I actually rarely have a full meal at bubble tea cafes -- except for my beloved Best Bubble, which has reportedly gone out of business. On this occasion, being too lazy to think, I agreed to whatever Rick could think of and went Tri-Ty Cafe 翠緹複合餐飲. I recall my last visit being nearly three years ago actually.


Trinity Cafe


Seeking heat from the hot summer's day, Rick ordered the mango slush bubble tea ($4.95 CAD), while I opted for the green milk tea, the "plain vanilla" equivalent for bubble tea. Hey, I like my green milk tea when I'm not feeling adventurous.


Mango Slush


His slush was definitely refreshing and had a strong mango taste, but I felt the ice to mango ratio was a tad too high. Dragonball Tea House definitely has better mango slush, hands down. Trity did have a scoop of mango ice cream though, so I give them credit for that.


Green Milk Tea


My green milk tea ($3.95) was good and the pearls weren't bad. They seemed to become tough quite quickly compared to what I was used to though. Nevertheless I enjoyed it.


Our food


Taiwanese beef noodle has also seem to become a staple in my diet this summer. We had the spicy beef noodle which, surprisingly, had a very good soup with a hint of Szechuan style "ma-la" spiciness. The noodles were a bit undercooked though, and the beef could have been braised a bit more.


Yummy bites


We also shared his go-to dish, the omurice with salt and pepper chicken -- it's basically fried rice with tomato sauce, wrapped in a thin layer of egg and served alongside the typical Taiwanese fried chicken. Although the chicken was fairly good and fragrant, the rice was a disappointment.


Food Inspire


The rice definitely seemed like it was made using day old rice.


Overall, Trity was an all right experience -- what really sold the place was the bubble tea.  The food was standard and not the best, but since their bubble tea was fairly good, it is a popular spot for groups of friends, as well as families, to grab dinner at.


Guest Blogger: Janice of Good Eat


Tri-Ty Cafe 翠緹複合餐飲

130-8100 Ackroyd Road

Richmond, BC V6X3J9

(604) 231-8997

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