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The Bubblelicious Tea team prides itself on being on the forefront of the market and delivering top quality products and customer service to our customers. We aim not only to introduce and supply bubble tea to Europe, but also look at future trends and ideas... particularly those we think will change the market.

If you follow us on Twitter/Facebook, you will know that recently we came across some exclusive information we believe will revolutionise the market. We aim to be able to keep our customers and fans up to date with what's happening in the market and also have the ability to supply the latest products to you.

Juice balls (popping boba) are undeniably popular, having stormed the European market over the last year. They have done so well in Germany that many surrounding countries have been inspired by their success and are rapidly opening stores this year as they see the massive potential available with bubble tea. Even one of the biggest food retailers on the planet, McDonalds, is now selling bubble tea having seen the phenomenal growth and customers storming the market for these delicious bubbles. 


The Bubblelicious Team only source from the top quality manufacturers in Taiwan and ensure our contacts in place keep us well informed with what is happening in the market - we have 100% satisfaction with the products and can assure you our products are completely safe and of the highest quality. As the first company to introduce juice balls into the UK in 2010, we wish to maintain that by being the first to bring you new and exclusive updates in this area again.

We have reviewed the market over the course of the year and understanding customer needs, we are aware of a small flaw with the product that needed to be rectified. With the current juice balls, because of artificial colouring, we have never been able to promote to certain markets!

At last, we can announce our EXCLUSIVE news - Bubblelicious Tea are proud to announce that we are now able to supply ARTIFICIAL-FREE natural juice balls - direct from the home of bubble tea, Taiwan!

As of now, these are available in 14 flavours with more to be announced:


Original flavours: Lychee - Mango - Passionfruit - Strawberry - Yoghurt - Orange

New flavours: Green Apple - Peach - Blueberry - Red Guava - Cranberry - Kiwi - Honeydew - Cherry


These are all natural coloured and contain no artificial colours. We believe this will impact the entire bubble tea market as now, we can finally approach markets that we were restricted to initially. Coming from the same factory where we currently source our high quality juice balls, this will be the first time Taiwan will export natural popping boba into the market.

This is an exclusive product to our company.

Retail stock will be available in October 2012

Wholesale stock is available with a 6 week lead time.

Please email us at sales@bubblelicioustea.com for further information and ordering requirements.

Our next blog will feature the latest product we have - the first CE certified SNOW ICE MACHINERY - a dessert must to compliment bubble tea and to rival frozen yoghurt!

Are you ready?

Snow Ice
Snow Ice with Juice Balls - The future is here

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