Olympic Update

Delivery information during the Olympic duration

The Olympics is now almost upon us and we have been provided with finalized information regarding courier services during this period.

The information our couriers have given us is the following key information:
- Official Olympic venues: Delivery will be controlled by UPS for the duration of the security restrictions; these deliveries will incur additional charges (TBC) and might be subject to 24 hour delay. We need to know in advance if you are shipping to an official Olympic venue.

- Westfield Stratford City: For security purposes, deliveries will be controlled and security screened by DHL. From 6th June 2012, all deliveries into Westfield Stratford City (postcodes starting with E20 1**) will be subject to a 24 hour delay. There will be no additional handling charge.

- A £1.25 surcharge per parcel will be incurred to deliveries from during the Olympic period to the post codes on this map:

- Same day collections guarantees will be also be suspended for the above post code map.
- Official Olympic sites: There are 111 official sites, including venues and hotels, across London and other areas of the UK. Over 60 of these will be subject to security restrictions for the duration of the events taking place at each venue. During this period, delivery arrangements might be subject to 24 hour delay and will incur additional charges for security screening and delivery.
- Westfield Stratford City (E20 1** postcodes): Westfield shopping centre will also be subject to security restrictions as it provides the main public access to the Olympic Stadium. Deliveries will be subject to a 24 hour delay, from 6th June 2012.
- Other London sites: It’s expected a number of sites will be difficult to access in vehicles, including along Embankment, Russell Square, Horse Guards Parade, and hotels in Park Lane. Individual road closures, caused by road race events, might prevent deliveries and collection for those routes and surrounding areas, on specific days.
- Olympic & Paralympic Route Networks: Movement of vehicles will be restricted along some of London’s major road networks. This will affect delivery and collection of parcels along or around these routes.
- Parcelforce will suspend delivery guarantees* on timed services (express9, express10, expressAM and expressPM) to all London post codes on the above map.
Good luck to all the teams participating in the 2012 London Olympic games.







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