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Hello again from Canada! Recently the weather here has changed drastically and it was suddenly 20-something degrees! Of course, what better way to cool off than with a bubble tea slush? Last time, I introduced to you more traditional "tea varieties" of bubble tea at What8ver Cafe and Sweet Bubble, but the slushes are definitely the most popular type at most stores in the summer.

Today, I'll bring you to Bubble Queen, one of the most well-known bubble tea places in Richmond.  The reason for this shop's popularity is because they have flavours you would never imagine!

Bubble Menu

Typically, the more "normal" slush varieties are fruit flavours and tea flavours. The most popular ones are those that blend actual fruit plus ice cream and ice.  Probably super easy to make at home, but I don't ever do it because it's not as satisfying and pearls spoil too easily! I'm not sure how Bubble Queen makes the tea flavours, but I presume they blend tea that they have frozen plus ice cream and ice.  Their fruit and tea flavours range from $3.50 to $4.00, with slush being an extra $0.50.

Amazing Slush Menu

This page in the menus has a mix of more conventional bubble tea slushes such as fresh mango cubes slush (which they're also quite famous for) to more adventurous ones, such as Malteser slush and Ferrero Rocher slush (both of which I've been dying to try!!).  These are all around $5.50 to $5.95 and include optional pearls.
I previously tried the strawberry cheesecake slush (sorry, I only have an instagram photo!) It did indeed have a lot of cream cheese flavour to it and had some fresh strawberries, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was cheesecake ice cream + strawberry ice cream + fresh strawberries + ice. Still amazingly delicious though!

Slush Choices

I guess they expanded their more adventurous slushes even more and had to add another page.

Orange KitKat Slush

I ordered the orange kit kat slush ($6.00), which is essentially a blend of orange ice cream, actual kit kat pieces and ice. It was very creamy and although the orange flavour was a bit artificial tasting, I actually like orange ice cream and its artificial taste so I didn't mind at all. Although it is a bit expensive for a drink (for your reference: $6 can get you a decent lunch at the food court), the drink was huge.  Think: Starbucks Venti size! Compared to the frappuccino at Starbucks, this is basically around the same price if you were to buy a venti, just that it only comes in this larger size.

Bubble Waffles

Oreo Crumbs...mmmmm
Along with their wacky flavours of bubble tea, they also have some crazy bubble waffle flavours, like the Oreo bubble waffle ($4.50) which has Oreo cookie crumbs inside. Very unconventional, but I do like the traditional bubble waffle at Sweet Bubble more since the texture of this one is more cake-like.  Too cake-like.
Bubble Queen has carved itself its own niche by expanding to crazy candy bar and chocolate flavours and is pretty well-known throughout both Richmond and Vancouver. Many bubble tea fanatics have expressed a love-hate relationship with Bubble Queen since they open whenever they want, yet they still love them for their unique flavours.  Oh right, and I also love how they just stack all their candy bars and chocolate bars on the shelf for all to see:

Chocolate Heaven

Happy bubble tea experimenting and see you next post!
Bubble Queen
8888 Odlin Crescent
Richmond, BC V6X3Z7


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