Destination Pearl House

Destination Pearl House Review
Central 16 Ave N, 118-1623 Centre Street NW - Calgary
Greetings one and all! Welcome to our final review from our 2012 bubble tea odyssey from Calgary! It’s a good ‘un!
Destination Pearl House - Calgary

Our final destination – aptly called ‘Destination Pearl House’ – is located near downtown just off Centre Street at New Asia Mall. It is another one of those places that unless you know the place well you might just miss it completely! Situated right in the corner of the mall down a narrow corridor we found the double doors to the place we were looking for.

DPH Interior

Just at the entrance there is a white-board enticing passers-by with the specials of the day. The prices for the food seem like value for money. As we walk through the doors what surprises us is the size of the place. You would never guess that the interior would be so bright and airy! The ceilings are quite high – it could in fact accommodate another floor. It is a shame there isn’t another bigger entrance where the windows are.
DPH - AppetizersDPH Desserts
There are quite a few tables inside, ample seating – it is pretty busy, our insider informs us that it is ALWAYS busy inside. It also opens pretty late – on weekends it is open until 2am. Looking inside the well-thumbed menus we observe that they do a great selection of food – appetizers, thick toast, rice, noodles, desserts and lunch specials. It is a shame we had already eaten as we watch the waitress carry out basket after basket of chicken wings for a large table.
DPH Tea MenuDPH Specials
We have a look at what bubble tea they have to offer; there are all the standard flavours available in Red Tea, Green Tea or Milk Tea, there are a selection of slushes and a ‘Blast from the Past’ menu including Ferrero Rocher and KitKat flavours. Toppings include jellies, pearls or Ice-cream. However what catches our eye is the ‘Special Destination’ menu.
On this menu is a selection of flavour combos. At a glance it looks tempting – all the combos look very well thought out and each has a name. Some are cute ‘n catchy –‘Kryptonite’, ‘Twilight’, some others make you think – ‘Home Wrecker’? ‘Betrayal’?! We can see these been sent to tables of ex-lovers and their current squeezes!
We opt for ‘Twilight’, ‘Pure Love’, ‘Jelly Fruit’ and a Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.
Whilst waiting for our drinks we take in the atmosphere – upbeat music is playing, laid back waitresses are taking orders and walking to and from the bar with food and glass after glass of delectable looking bubble tea, there is buzz of people chatting and laughing and amidst all that you can make out the whir of the blenders in the background.
There is just one guy working the bubble tea bar so there is a bit of a wait as a party of 12 have their order before us. There majority of the clientele are young people – the place ticks all the right boxes to attract them, opening late, music playing, large tables where they can congregate and a budget friendly menu.
Our DPH drink choices

We’ve ordered our drinks to go; the waitress apologises for the delay and serves us the drinks in the ubiquitous plastic cup with a dome lid. The cups are 700ml and filled generously to the top to the dome. We observe the liberal scoop of tapioca inside the cups – extra points there! The cost for all four drinks comes to CAD$22.00 including GST.
Yummylicious Colours

All the drinks look great and we can’t wait to try these out! Opening assessment with the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea…
Classic Milk Tea

This is one of our favourite things to order as it goes so well with the pearls –Hong Kong Style tea is strong in taste giving it a certain earthy, bitter taste which is combatted by the smoothness of the creamy milk. Some places use a combination of evaporated milk and condensed milk, some places use egg shells in their recipe for extra smoothness, some places use only 2 sorts of tea, some places
use a lot more – every recipe is different and they like to keep it all secret!
The 'bubbles' formulation gives the drink its name

This one was great – smooth, not overly loaded with ice, the sweetness was idyllic and there was a sufficient ratio of boba to tea, lasting all the way to the bottom instead of running out halfway through. The creaminess was also spot on – we’ve had some which are overly creamy which leaves an icky coating on the tongue after.

The ‘Twilight’ (Taro & Black Sesame) looks like how it sounds (no, not like Robert Pattison!); it reminds you of the evening sky, a sombre shade of purple speckled with flecks of black. The drink itself is rich – one might say almost decadently so, with deep hints of nutty Black Sesame which give the Taro extra depth. All in all this combo goes really well together and the consistency was luxuriously thick.

Pure Love

‘Pure Love’ (Peach, Strawberry & Ice-cream) was in a word absolutely OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!
What a taste revolution this one was – the name is perfect for this because if you could characterize love as a flavour this is how it would taste – lush overtones of juicy strawberries, tinged with fresh peaches and warm vanilla connotations! We loved it and could not sing its praises enough. A winner!
Summer colours

Last up on the proverbial chopping board – the ‘Jelly Fruit’ (Mango, Passion fruit & Peach). We were not let down – this was amazing to look at and tasted wonderful. It was almost like a blended sorbet in appearance, an intense yellow/orange. The flavours were so sharp and went so well together it was almost graphic – if taste can be described as such!
All the drinks we selected from the ‘Special Destination’ menu blew the competition out of the water – the slush consistency was something else, the flavour combos were stunning, it isn’t hard to see why it is always busy here – if we lived in Calgary we would be here all the time too!
Well done Destination Pearl House for hitting our BBT spot!
What a way to end our bubble quest
What a way to wrap up our Calgarian BBT adventure – we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our reviews and that they’ve inspired you – we’ve sure enjoyed checking out the Boba joints for you guys!

We’ll be back soon with more bubble tea reviews!

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