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Bubbles Café Review, Calgary NW, Alberta

Hey there BBT lovers! We’re still on our boba sniffing trail in Calgary! The latest review is on Bubbles Café located in NW Calgary.

Bubbles Cafe Entrance

Bubbles Café is situated on a small shopping precinct which is convenient as it has a parking lot just outside. There are also other foodie places on the precinct including a ‘Banh Mi’ joint (that’s Vietnamese Sub for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of having one!). Perfect for swinging by and picking up lunch then!

Front Part of Shop
Bubble Counter Bar

The shop front has large windows and from inside we can see there is a bubble like dangly curtain – do these light up at night we wonder? Unlike the previous two reviews we had done this bubble tea café has seating inside. The interior was warm and cosy with low hanging lights – it is quite spacious inside and the tables are the sort with flaps on the end which can extend and cater for larger groups.
Against one side there are also some high tables which you can stand by and wait for your drink or consume it there and then on the premises.
Deep Set Shop
The bar is high, long and sleek with little circular mirrors on the front which look like little shiny bubbles. The menu is clear and precise with enticing pictures of bubble tea. Other than bubble tea they also offer coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of cold drinks. There are also snacks like waffles, potato chips, cookies, ice cream sandwiches – even noodles and rice. Everything is reasonably priced too.
Bubbles Bubble Menu
 We decide upon a selection of drinks from the ‘Drink Fresh’ menu – 100% Real & Natural Fresh Fruit Bubble Tea - a Mango Lime, a Blueberry Watermelon, a Raspberry and a Papaya all with tapioca pearls.

Bubble Choices

The drinks are a regular 500ml – they also have a smaller size available. The cost is CAD$18.00 making it the most wallet friendly one so far! As we wait for our drinks we observe that there is a steady flow of customers – even on this grey and rainy dismal day. A good sign! The waiting time is about 8 minutes – around 2 minutes per drink.

Drinks Holder

There were 2 young ladies working and they were kind enough to ask if wanted our drinks in a cup holder as we were taking out. All the drinks were slush-type and the thing that stood out for us was the colours – they were really visually aesthetic, food for the eye if you like.

PapayaCute Seals

First up on trial – the Papaya! It was love at first slurp – a good indication that the rest of the drinks were going to be equally as scrumptious! The slush had the perfect consistency, the sweetness was just right and you could taste that they weren’t stingy with the fruit either. A common problem with slushes is the temperature can mask the flavour and if you don’t put enough fruit in all you will be able to taste is…the cold! This drink did not have that problem; it had that lovely musky flavour that you get from ripe papaya. In a word, LUSH.

RaspberryTapioca Cartoon

Next up – the Raspberry. Just one look at the colour and your mind would conjure up images of the juicy, tart fruit. Again we were not disappointed by the taste. Mouthfuls of berrylicious goodness with that tangy bite balanced out with a sweetness that was spot on. In between sips you also got the raspberry seeds – we don’t mind that though! So far so consistent…

Blueberry WatermelonOrdering Sealing FIlm

The Blueberry Watermelon – an interesting combo which goes surprisingly well. Fresh blueberries have really quite a subtle flavour, bland even. Watermelon is also a very delicate flavour but when blended together with the blueberries it creates a very refreshing flavour – light and crisp. This is great if you don’t like your drinks too sweet.

Mango Lime

Last but not least we have the Mango Lime. And what a lovely delightful combination it was! Mangoes have a sweet nectar-like taste and the lime just sets it off beautifully. This blend was like summer in a cup – definitely one to remember and order again. Between succulent gulps of icy yumminess and chewy tapioca (which could have been a tad sweeter – our only gripe!) this one didn’t last long!

Empty Cups

One member of the team was not really a fan of slushes but the ones here made them think again =) There was not a lot about this place we didn’t like – the ‘Drink Fresh’ menu was well thought out, healthy and mouth-watering. We’re guessing they must be heaving in the summer months! Well done Bubbles Café!  
Join us again soon for another Calgarian BBT review!

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