Sweet Bubble Review - Richmond, BC

Hello again! Janice here. Today I want to share a flavour of bubble tea that is fairly new to the bubble tea scene.

Sweet Bubble - Richmond BC

First, a quick intro about the café in this post: Sweet Bubble is located right in the heart of Richmond, but it’s never that busy because parking is not that convenient.  (Most people drive in Richmond.)  Thus, I usually come here to study… which is why I never wanted to post it on my own food blog! (A bit selfish on my part, but I don’t really want a huge influx of people coming.)

House Special Milk Tea

I usually get their house special milk tea ($4.75 CAD + $0.50 for pearls), which is consistently good. This time, I got it hot rather than iced.  You’d be amazed at the lack of good plain milk teas here.  Everything about this one is just right – the texture, the richness of the tea, and the balance of milk.  The only thing is that it usually comes quite sweet, so I have to ask for it half sweet.

Wheat-Germ Milk Tea


The bubble tea that a friend recently introduced me to is the wheat-germ milk tea ($4.75 + $0.50 for pearls). It’s basically the regular milk tea poured onto a heap of wheat-germ (or 胚芽) already in the cup.   The wheat-germ gives the milk tea a slight malty taste.  At the bottom, the wheat germ becomes soggy but still fun to chew.

Bubble Waffles

Another thing that I love here at Sweet Bubble is their bubble waffles ($4) – I’m keeping with the Bubblelicious theme! I’d say the ones here at Sweet Bubble are some of the best in Richmond.  Served on a cooling rack, they’re guaranteed not to be soggy, and they have been consistent every time.  Perfect amount of sweetness and eggy flavour. Thin and crisp exterior, with a soft and chewy interior. So good.

Anyways, enough of me day dreaming about bubble waffles.  Thanks for reading and see you next post!

Sweet Bubble Cafe
130 - 6068 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

(604) 270-9993


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