March Update - Spring is here!

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" 
Robin Williams
Spring is here! The flowers are starting to bloom, much like the bubble tea... waiting for the Summer to burst alive and bring you all out to the sunshine! Now, apologies for the delay in this month's update! The Bubblelicious Team have been super busy prepping the Summer launch products and visiting you all to make sure you're ready to open in the next few months.
From organising visits, training, getting your personalised equipment ready to sampling products and getting customer feedback, we're very excited to see your plans realised over the forecoming months. With a multitude of cafes that are looking to launch this Summer, we're excited to be working alongside a number of budding entreprenuers in the making!
So, what have we got planned to help you? Well... this summer will see us launch even more new products and flavours not yet seen in the European market. Bubblelicious Tea have got all the sources in place with an ear on the ground telling us what the latest trends are, where people are taking the bubble tea movement and with the experience and knowledge we have, we have what will sell this summer!
But, what can you give me NOW? Well, first and foremost, the fabulously famous AQ Milk Tea will be making a return in the next few days! The demand for this milk tea is phenomenal and with the feedback we've had, it seems this classic flavour will be a staple favourite for years to come!
We're also looking to launch the below next week:
AQ Matcha Green Tea - Well, you had the AIO matcha, you had the Premium matcha and you still wanted more!! We now present you the much demanded AQ matcha range to give us a complete set of ranges to accomodate all your possible needs for this delightful little number
AQ Mocha - Calling all chocolate and coffee lovers, we now bring in the A-grade mocha flavour to soothe all your needs
AQ Ginger & Brown Sugar - Don't knock it til you've tried it! This delicious fusion served hot will be the perfect drink to entice you to try something a little different but then keep you hooked with the top quality flavour!
Don't forget to try the rest of the AQ range from the creamy vanilla to the tempting taro.  For now, it seems this range can do no wrong! So... as we've been so somewhat neglectful in our social networking as of late, we have an additional review to add for you on this blog... all the way from Thailand by traveller, Karen!
The Bubblelicious Team ensure we are watching the bubble tea movement all over the world:
Bubblelicious Visit Thailand
So it was that I went to Thailand a couple of weeks ago to try my luck at being a backpacking beach bum and still had time to succumb to my lust for that wholesome bubble tea. I started briefly in Bangkok, made my way down to the Gulf islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao then even thought it necessary to travel further to the Andaman Sea to scour Krabi and Koh Phi Phi. The things I’ll do for bubble tea.
So colourful
Perfect with bubble tea
Street Food

The truth is, I didn’t find as many places as I'd hoped, and I’m more of an opportunist drinker but an enjoyer none the less. I found my first in Krabi Town, wandering through the day market, with its uneven floors and myriad fruit displays, bright flowers and gigantic pots and pans filled with culinary treats that were expertly hand bagged to be taken home for dinner that evening. And there I saw it. A cart, a blue rickety cart decorated with bottled liquids of green, red and brown, the familiar fat straws and transparent squishy cups. I developed a strange obsession to iced lemon tea whilst over there…must have been the weather, so my first point of call was an iced lemon bubble tea.

Iced Lemon Tea

The thing is tapioca balls under ice only work so well for the first few seconds, it wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t special, it was just an impersonator, a cheap excuse for bubble tea. I was disappointed, and proceeded to drown myself in cut price bargain sago and street food.

Are you brave enough to try?

My final BBT stop was on my return to Bangkok. I was left to my own devices for the day and decided on a stroll through Pratunam Market. After wondering wide eyed and bushy tailed through the myriad clothes stalls, I tired of the material jungle and decided to head for higher ground, namely the top floor of a mall called Shibuya 19 and coincidentally the location of the food court.

Cute display
KuMaaCha Display

Ku-maa-cha was instantly recognisable amongst the surrounding clinical food counters, tucked away in its corner with its cartoonish design and enticing pictures of tapioca bubbling over the cup. I went over and papped it before attempting to read the menu primarily by trying to recognise different cartoon pictures of fruit. After failing to communicate effectively enough in Thai (I can only say hello and thank you) I settled for the good ole fashioned iced milk bubble tea. As it was prepared I wandered around the counter to explore the different variations and felt rather foolish that I hadn’t gone for the Kumaa icy with the bear on top but none the less after handing over the 45 baht (like, less than £1!!) I stole away and sat smug with my squishy sealed cup.

Original Milk Tea

The taste was exactly that of a good milk tea, but was also refreshingly creamy with the right squishy consistency and ample amount of tapioca that I expect in any good bubble tea. I could have been suffering from extreme thirst or deprivation of both BBT and an English cuppa but it really hit the spot with its gentle tinges of caffeinated flavour.

Pigging Out

So there you have it, my chance encounters with bubble tea in Thailand. If you get a chance to visit, do what I did not and give one of the street vendors a go. If their street food’s anything to go by, you’re in for a treat ;)

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