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Hi! Janice here from across the pond here in Vancouver.  I'll be contributing to this blog from now on as Kevin's interests have changed.  While his time was short, he enjoyed it and had a fun experience.  And since I basically live off of bubble tea, he thought I would be a good choice to write for Bubblelicious.  Being raised in Richmond -- which has the highest concentration of Asians in North America -- there has never been a need to leave for Vancouver to have bubble tea.  I have to admit: I'm sort of a bubble tea addict.

One bubble tea cafe that I really wanted to share about is this fairly new one that's been around the scene for about a year.  What8ver Cafe is one of the most successful ones that I can think of, even in an area with so many bubble tea options.

I think one thing that amazes me the most is that it's owned and operated by a few of my schoolmates from high school.  Imagine being in your late teens and early twenties and owning a bubble tea shop with your friends! That's pretty amazing.

The cafe, with it's really modern decor, is quite small -- with only about seven tables in total.  Opening only in the evenings, a reservation is typically required on the weekends.  Weird system, since it discourages people to spontaneously come here, but I guess it works for them.  Plus there are a few subpar bubble tea places around here that benefit because of that.

I always get the cream float variety of bubble tea here: this time it was the green tea version ($4.25CAD).  I fell in love with this drink a year ago in Hong Kong at one of the most popular chains there -- Gong Cha.  When I found out that What8ver had it, I regularly visited this place ever since because there isn't a single other cafe in Richmond or Vancouver that serves this (that I know of).

The drink is made of two layers: cold tea on the bottom and a foamy whipped cream concoction that floats on the top.  The purpose of a separation of this drink (which oddly looks like beer) is to allow the drinker to adjust how much cream and sugar they take with their tea.  It also allows them to taste the tea in its original flavour.  This drink is meant for drinking without a straw and without pearls.  Basically, when you tilt the glass, depending on how you sip, the tea will come out from below the cream.

Tiff ordered the green milk tea with green tea jelly ($3.50CAD).  This was actually my first time I had heard of green tea jelly at a bubble tea place.  I had a try and it was quite mild in flavour and not as filling as pearls.  Quite interesting!

If you want to read more about What8ver Cafe, you can check out an old post from my blog where I talk about the cream float again, as well as another fairly new food item in Vancouver, the Toast Box.

What8ver Cafe

#1108-8328 Capstan Way

Richmond, BC V6X 4B6

(778) 297-5992

Guest Blogger: Janice Leung

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