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If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.
~Winnie the Pooh

Hello dearest Bubbles! Welcome to our February update! We hope you've all been having a great start to 2012!

Love it or hate it – St .Valentine's day is upon us again. A whirlwind day of loved up couples, pink, heart shaped, sparkly things! Will you be having any Valentine's themed bubble tea? Or even an Anti-Valentine's one? Serve with 2 straws for that Lady and the Tramp effect!


And of course Chinese New Year celebrations have just past – did you all manage to get down to your local Chinatown and watch the Lion dances?

There was a Far Eastern vibe to be found everywhere – lots of Oriental décor and snacks AND bubble tea of course! Many of our customers said Chinese new Year this year has been their busiest day of business to date – proof that bubble tea is growing in popularity!

We've been keeping our eye on what's been going on in the bubble tea world – there continues to be a bubble tea revival in the Far East! There are so many flavours to choose from and toppings galore! From indulgent and luxurious creamy bubble teas to healthy smoothies and iced teas packed with antioxidants – you can be a Saint or a Sinner!

These guys from the Far East have been doing it since the 80's – if you want to know how bubble tea is going to evolve take a leaf out of their book and get ahead of the game! We will bring you the best quality products from Taiwan – we want to see you step up and make your bubble tea your own!

Making bubble tea is an art – do you really want to be a cookie cut out of every other bubble tea place? From our experience, the places that do well are the places that are innovative, who think outside of the box, which are willing to do that little bit more to set themselves apart from the sheep. Go crazy – we're always willing to come help you experiment with flavours and techniques and change your styles and recipes around to make you a cut above the rest

Don't forget as the experts in the industry, we're also aware it's also the little niches in the products that will set you above the rest.

A651-031_________AiYuJelly  A542-001________HoneyFlavorSyrup-3KG 


Our mysterious product from last month's update is LONGAN SYRUP! Used in conjunction with your sugar syrup this will give your tapioca a delicious twist!
Many places in Taiwan use this on their tapioca for a lovely sweetened aftertaste – and after tasting it in Taiwan we just had to get this for you guys too!

Finally – our new shipment is here! The Original Juice Balls are back in town! Available in 6 great flavours –

Lychee, Mango, Strawberry, PassionFruit, Orange, Yoghurt

Brand NEW! – Aiyu Jelly – famous for its health benefits, Peach and Blueberry flavoured jellies, Ceylon Tea and Oolong Tea

Is there anything missing from our range you would like to see? Let us know!

YogurtCoatingJuice dreamstime_xs_12751728

We've had a number of requests from you already and don't worry; we've taken them on board and next month will showcase even more fabulous new products in time for your Spring/Summer menus. We have some secret products underway not yet seen in the European market and we are making plans for a big Spring launch – watch this space. As the trend forecasters of the bubble tea market, you'll always find us

We will also be having a bit of work done on the site this month – you will see our new payment system as our company expands. We now accept payments online, via phone, bank transfers and PayPal via our invoicing system.

Finally just a message to thank you all for your support in the last few months - the response we've had has been amazing. We wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for the immense loyalty and customers of our top quality products.

Now get yourself a hot bubble tea and keep warm! The snow is very pretty albeit very cold so stay safe folks! We'll see you boba lovers next month!

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