Helping to establish bubble tea in the UK!


Large companies like Starbucks, Costa, and Café Nero have long dominated the beverage market in the UK; every high street, train station & airport has at least one! Coffee houses are abundant!

But why?

Well, coffee has managed to reinvent itself time and time again – cappuccino, frappucino, espresso, iced coffee, flavoured coffee, lattes – the list is endless!

But what of the humble cuppa?

A jump down the evolutionary path and BUBBLE TEA is what can be found!


Although bubble tea has been around since the early 1980's it has only been in recent years that it has become mainstream in the UK. Places in Chinatown, London have been doing it for years!

Bubble Tea was 'born' in 1983, in Taichung, Taiwan

This quirky but delicious Taiwanese drink has found it's way into the hearts (and stomachs!) of the British people – as a nation of tea lovers it's not hard to see why!

It is the bubbles from shaking which float on top of the bubble tea, which give it its name – bubble tea – not from the tapioca pearls!

Throughout the years bubble tea has acquired cult status. Being a firm fixture in Asian pop culture wasn't enough – bubble tea wants global domination!


Boba-Fever first swept over far Eastern countries. On our visits to the homeland of bubble tea – Taichung – we noticed every other store you walk past is a bubble tea vendor. (Star-who?!)

The tapioca in bubble tea is also known as 'Boba' – apparently this is slang for a women's *ahem* chest area, so called because of the 'bouncy' nature of the tapioca!

From Asia people immigrated to other parts of the world and Bubble Tea houses began to pop up in the US & Canada to cater for those who missed bubble tea from back home.

Originally they could only be found in locations with a large Asian population – nowadays bubble tea is enjoyed by just about everyone! St. Alps, TenRen Tea and Lollicup are just a few big boba names from across the Atlantic. In the Far East you have boba giants Koi, Gong-Cha and 50嵐

Did you know that after water tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world?

The name 'Bubble Tea' is used to describe a profusion of drinks ranging from fruity iced teas to warm, creamy milk teas. So what makes bubble tea so unique?

· It can be served ice cold or hot, as a slushy, as a smoothie – probably even more versatile than coffee!
· It is almost always enjoyed with an element of texture – many refer to it as a 'drink you can eat' Tapioca is the classic 'topping'
· There are so many combinations and flavours there is one to suit EVERYBODY!
· You can customise your bubble tea to suit you! With such a variety in colour and flavours you can even get one that co-ordinates with your outfit – this has been known to happen, no lie!
· The fat straw! This is one of the elements of bubble tea that make it unique – if you can see a fat straw poking out we'll bet that cup is full of om-nom-alicious bubble tea!


We have watched bubble tea grow from strength to strength in the last two years – so move over coffee! There's a new kid in town!

There is a bubble tea vendor in every major city in the UK now – those figures are set to increase as more and more of you discover what bubble tea is. We supply many places and have watched them start up from scratch to what is now a thriving and flourishing business.

Bubble tea is relatively inexpensive to set up compared to other businesses. If you are interested in setting up business get in touch – we are your one stop shop for all your bubble tea supplies!

We are leaders in bringing you a Bubblelicious Britain!

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