Bubblelicious Tea October Update

Bubble Tea Autumn Leaves 

Autumn is upon us Bubbles, but who could tell?! What a scorcher of an Autumn we are enjoying, it sure puts Summer in the shade! And what better way to cool down in the heat than enjoying a BBT? Frappes are de rigueur so get down to you nearest BBT café and see what they have to offer!

It’s been another hectic month here at Bubblelicious Tea HQ! We’ve been to Paris checking out the BBT market there, we’ve been on numerous visits down the big city, London, to visit our customers and working flat out to keep our Bubbles happy! 

Teawan, Paris

On our travels to France we came across what is known as the best BBT joint in “Gay Paree!”Situated in the 13th arrondissement is Paris’ Chinatown. We were on the lookout for BBT and saw many people holding that trademark cup with those lovely tapioca pearls and the obligatory fat straw. In our rather bad French, we ask:

“Où avez-vous acheter ce thé aux perles?!” (Where did you get that BBT?!)

Pick Your Favourite FlavourTeawan, Paris

And there it was. Nestled between two restaurants was our place, “Tea-Wan”. A small BBT takeout vendor just like the ones we saw in Taiwan! This just goes to show that you don’t have to have a large premises to sell BBT, this one does the job just as well as if not better than a large place! Simple and effective – that was the secret to Tea-Wan’s success! It’s not hard to see why this place is so popular.

Original Milk TeaBubble Tea Advert
We try the simple Milk Tea with tapioca.

The texture of the tea is smooth and rich, we can taste the richness of the creamer and the subtle undertones of Assam Tea. The tapioca is done perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness. All in all, Tea-Wan has impressed us!

If you are ever in Paris and have the urge for BBT, come here to satisfy your needs!

Do you know of a great BBT café/joint near you? Let us know! We love to try out great BBT places, and it’s always nice to know where in the world the good ones are, just so you guys will know where to find one should you need a fix!

Although it may still be warm, it won’t be long before the weather does start to get chillier. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy BBT! We’ve been trying out HOT BBT’s here at Bubblelicious! Our powders can be used to make creamy hot drinks and our syrups are great with hot tea. Try having a hot taro tea with a croissant, just dunk the croissant in like you would if it was coffee/tea. It’s a great twist on the continental breakfast, kind of east meets west?!


Also up this month have been our tapioca and tea blogs! Get online and get reading them, they’re a great way to learn more as they are two of the main components of BBT! Soon, you guys will be professionals in the art of making BBT!

Once again, thank you all for continually supporting us! We will continue to work hard and support you guys where we can too! Here’s to a Bubblelicious October! Have a great Halloween! *clinks BBT cups* CHEERS!

 Bubblelicious Pumpkin

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