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Hi everyone, Kevin from Vancouver here again! It's been a busy summer and bubbletea was unfortunately not that high on my list of things to drink ;)! Now with a return to school and cold days and no time nor money for alco- long story short, I'm back. 

Corner 23 is about as Taiwanese a restaurant as they come in Vancouver. They even have this awesome famous pork hock called Wan Luan, but sorry, no pictures of it as I had already ate dinner before dropping by Corner 23 for some drinks. 


The receipt says Grenadine black tea, but unless there is some mistranslation in their system, this is actually supposed to be Guava black tea. This was just a simple black tea with some guava syrup, as guava's definitely are not a seasonal nor local fruit here in Vancouver. The drink wasn't too sweet, which is perfect for me and also correct since guavas arent super sweet anyways, but the only thing was I had too much ice! Compared to my friends drinks, this was about 1/3 all ice. 

Bonnie ordered a Almond Milk Tea, after my convincing her that she needs to try drinks other than boring mocha milk tea or chocolate milk tea. I guess this was a step in the right direction. Near the end, it was quite powdery, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, shows they used the right product, but it just didn't all dissolve. 
Sometimes I feel like when you go out to eat, there is always one thing that will invariably be off or not right. This Mango green tea was the off item of the night, as it had this strange pulp like taste, similar to if you had opened up a can of mango pulp and watered it down.. which may or may not not be far off as to how this drink was made. 
I wasn't looking for any food because we had just come from eating pizza, but spotting this on the appetizer menu got me pretty excited. Deep fried pork blood rice patties! Don't get all turned off because I said pork blood, you have to try it to judge the flavour. Pork blood is steamed with rice, cooking both the rice and blood, giving it that marbled texture.  In Taiwan, these are usually served like a popsicle on a wooden stick, and coated with thick soy sauce, ground peanuts, cilantro and hot sauce. Akin to eating sticky rice, the pork blood flavour is barely noticeable, and I think being fried made them even sticker.  At $5 and with a bit of Taiwanese pao cai (pickled vegetables) on the side and a garlic dipping sauce, this was decent snack food! 

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Kevin Wu of 604 Foodtography

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