Bubblelicious Tea - September Update

Greetings Bubbles! Hope you’ve all had a summer to remember! Has it been filled with bubble tea? Our one certainly has! Those of you who read our blog will know all about our trip to Taiwan, home of BBT! If you haven’t read it already go and check it out and why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with all things Bubblelicious!


On our trip we travelled half way across the globe to quench our thirst for BBT and we have learned a lot on the way about the culture, the components and how BBT came to be. FYI, there are many stories about the origins of BBT! Two of the most popular tea-houses in Taiwan have claimed it was created in their shop, although our sources tell us it was the creation of a hawker down in one of Taichung’s night markets. We have also been sourcing many brilliant new products that will go down a storm with BBT vendors and lovers alike!

There are mini-mochis, snow ice powders and great new powder flavours including strawberry bubblegum!  We also have a premium grade matcha and black tea latte powder which source from the top grade matcha you can find in Japan - you can find this on sale now!

8 new flavours launch next month

Mango milk is amongst the new powders we are bringing in - we have EXCLUSIVE rights to be the first ones in Europe with this recipe which sees a delicious smelling white powder turn mango yellow upon mixing!

It tastes divine, definitely destined to be a bestseller so we are very excited about that new arrival and have been sending samples out all over and received many pre-orders already!


EXCLUSIVE! Mango powder arrives next month

Also new to our extensive range are the 13ltr tea barrels, CE certified automatic shaking machines (Which a lot of you have been waiting for!) and nifty little resin cocktail shakers – great for using alone or in conjunction with the shaking machine!

All these products will be available soon so keep checking back for new updates! We will also announce on Twitter and Facebook when they come in. The ever popular juice balls have been SOLD OUT! They are one of our bestsellers and it’s not hard to see why! Our juice balls are made from 100% pure fruit juice! But don’t worry, we will be restocked in October! (If you would like to ensure you get your juice balls, get in touch with us and we will give you the option of prepaying to get immediate despatch as soon as they come into the warehouse or we can put you on the waiting list whereby we will contact you when they arrive).


Other projects we have in the pipeline include our very own Bubblelicious Showroom! This will be based in Birmingham, anyone who is interested in the products we have to sell can come in and have a gander and chat (perhaps even a BBT?!) before they make a purchase! This is especially ideal for those who are looking to purchase machinery from us but would like to see what it looks like and how it works.

Our posters will also be available soon, we will let you know via our website and on Twitter and Facebook!

Once again, the Bubblelicious Tea team would just like our customers to know that we couldn’t possibly do it without your support! So it only makes sense that everything we do, we do with you in mind! Help us to help you by keeping us updated on what you need, or what you would like us to stock, your thoughts, views and ideas. We will try our utmost to help you!

See y’all next month!

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