Final day in Taiwan =(

On  our return to the hotel last night, front desk bought a package up to our room, a gift from Mr Chang & co! It was a box of Tai Yang (sun) Cakes and pineapple cakes! We had mentioned at some point that we wanted to buy some, but hadn't had time. Mr Chang had been thoughtful enough to remember this and went out and got some for us. We were so touched! It was a lovely gift, we're sure everyone will enjoy them when we get back to the UK and  the taste of them will bring back memories of our short time here and of the many lovely people we have met! Thank you!

Sun Cakes and Pineapple Cakes
Pineapple Cakes and Sun Cakes

Ryan's Lychees

Having already packed our suitcases last night, we trundle them downstairs to check out. It has been quite an adventure being here in Taichung, we have learnt so much about BBT, about Taiwan and the people that inhabit it. We are genuinely sad that our trip is over and we have to leave. But at the same time, excited at the ideas and knowledge we will bring back home. Like we mentioned earlier, we will make regular trips back here to keep on top of all things BBT!

 Forte Orange, Taichung Park
Our home for a week - byebye!
Taiwan Park Biker
Good bye park and good bye bikes..
On the High-Speed Rail (HSR) heading to Taipei

As a final part of our trip here we are going out to visit the embassy in Taipei. We travel back to Taipei via HSR, and jump in a cab to get there. Taipei seems more modern than Taichung, with more high rise buildings and offices. Well, it is the capital of Taiwan! Near the embassy is the 101 building, regarded as the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010, only recently surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. An impressive skyscraper standing at 101 floors high with five floors underground, it really stands out against Taipei's skyline. We got ourselves a crick in the neck tilting our heads back to admire it!

 Taipei View 2
What a view!
Goodbye Taipei =(
Very modern city

Unfortunately we have no time to explore! We have a brief meeting with the British Trade and Cultural Office. During this meeting we discuss what we want to achieve and how they can aid us. We ask them to let us know straight away if anything happens that may affect our business, like the DEHP contamination case last year. Should anything like that happen again, we would like to be the first to know.

 What a drop!
The yellow cabs reminds us of New York

After the meeting, we leave the embassy in search of food and BBT. There were a lot of shops and department stores around where we were, but alas, no BBT cafés to be seen! Perhaps we were in the wrong part of town, the only refreshments to be seen was Starbucks! Lugging our suitcases around in the hot sun was hard work! In desperation we duck into a department store and find a food hall inside. We order what will be our last meal here in Taiwan, a shame we couldn't find BBT.

 Fast Food!!
Spicy Seafood Noodles - this is the fast food here... my kinda place.
Beef Noodles
Team favourite: Beef Noodles

The food hall was impressive though! They had hot-pot, teppan-yaki, sushi, Italian, McDonald's and lots more. We order a seafood soup noodle and a beef soup noodle, all washed down with a freshly squeezed pineapple and watermelon juice.

 Watermelon Juice
Fresh Juice plus our food buzzers
*ding sing* FOOD IS HERE!

When  the meal is finished, we leave for Taoyuan International Airport. Its a long car ride there, and we sit in silence staring out of the window trying to take in everything we have learnt throughout the week. As we move further out of the shopping district, we can see more of the tea houses and cafés that were so abundant in Taichung.

Arriving at the airport, reality kicks in. It's time to say goodbye to Taiwan and fly back home. We're sure going to miss the BBT, the food and the people we have met. Overall, our visit here has been quite the adventure, and we have learnt a lot about the background of BBT and how to make it. It has been a privilege to meet all the people who have aided us on our BBT trip, thanks to you guys our mission is accomplished! But busy times lie ahead for the Bubblelicious Tea team and there is no rest for the wicked! A lot of work is still to be done, all in the name of BBT!

 Until next year then Taiwan, we bid you adieu! =) Thanks for having us.


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