Day 6 in Taiwan

This will be our last full day here in Taichung =( We are up early and make our way to the office of another one of our suppliers. Its another scorcher today but I think we've gotten used to it! And we certainly wouldn't complain if it was like this everyday back home- but only if there's air con everywhere!

When we get to the office Mr L comes to greet us. His office is full of samples of powders, syrups, teas and equipment. There is a table set up with beakers, mixers and cocktail shakers ready for us to use and abuse!

Let's Experiment!!!
Experimenting Equipment
Tea Barrels
We will be selling these next month - please pre-order if interested

We get straight down to business, bombarding Mr L with questions. Lucky for us he has an answer for everything! He gets down to showing us his formulas for creating BBT with the products he supplies to us. Mr L has also been in the BBT business for many years now having run his own place as well, many years ago he says. He has been kind enough to share his wisdom with us and we find him to be most charming and informative.

Its another morning of tastings and samplings of an array of products, once again the table is filled with cups of liquid, all different colours and flavours. 

Syrup overload!!
Experimenting with a number of flavours

You may think we might be a bit sick of it by now but not at all! Why? Well, BBT is our passion and our job! We intend to fly out here to Taiwan at least once a year to source and sample new products and bring them back to the UK and to make sure our existing products maintain their standards. We want to know that the products we are selling are of top quality, and what better way to find out than to be here in Taiwan where they are made? 

Hmm... what powder to try?
Taro? Milk Tea? Honeydew? Champagne? Red Bean? The world is ours!
Syrups Galore
Syrup tasting heaven

Rule number one for being number one “Never compromise quality over price!” We could import products that are cheaper, but they won't be made in Taiwan and they certainly wouldn't taste as good! We try to source what we believe are the best products for you because that is the only way to make a good BBT! If you don't believe us, well, taste our products and see for yourself!

Taro Bubble Tea
Top grade AQ Taro Powder
Tea Tasting
Top Grade AQ Milk Tea

We leave the office at midday and Mr L takes us to another tea house for lunch, Tea Work. Looking at the tea house from outside, it certainly looks very simple, one might even say dinghy?! A simple grey concrete building with a glass front with grey concrete steps leading up to it. 

Tea House Entrance
Don't judge a book by its cover...
Lunch Time!
Tea-Work Tea House

Inside however, the feel is very different. Still very minimalistic, its bright and airy inside, with simple white chairs and tables, high ceilings and concrete pillars. There is ample seating to be found inside and a covered outdoor seating area overlooking a pond. There is also a lovely water feature which runs down a wall outside, a little buddha figure nestled within. Very tranquil! 

Don't let the entrance fool you! This place is HUGE!
This place is massive!!
Tea House
Side of Tea-Works

The food arrives, there's a vibrant looking salad with a delicious fruity dressing and a seafood chowder with a pastry lid.

Colourful Salad
We don't know what those seeds were but they were delicious - Any ideas?
Seafood chowder topped with pastry
You'd think the heat would put us off hot food, but we just got more hungry
Hot and delicious
Creamy, yummy seafood.

There is also the main course, with each component set in different little dishes including rice, soup, vegetables and the beef in a sweet sesame sauce.

Sesame Beef Meal
Set meal
Sesame Beef
Sesame Beef

The drinks arrive shortly after, a long green herbal drink and a passion fruit infused iced jasmine tea. 

Herbal Juice and Passionfruit Tea
Very refreshing, strong fruit flavours and of course the bubbles on top...


We then decided to have a walk around the back whilst waiting for the food and the place was absolutely huge. There was an outdoor seating area plus a waterdisplay with many beautiful statues and ornaments. Very serence and peaceful.

Additional seating space
Buddhist statue
Waterfall Buddha
Water display

During lunch we tell Mr L of our visit to Chun Shui Tang. It is actually a franchise and they have shops nationwide. The flagship store is a short drive away and Mr L says he will take us there. Of course how could we refuse?!

Eek! Parking Ticket!!!
Eeek! Traffic Warden!!

After dropping back to his office to pick up his phone and unfortunately getting a parking ticket in the process (we did try to explain to the warden that he would be right back, but he was having none of it! Some things are the same everywhere! =p), we arrive at the flagship tea house, Chun Shui Tang. 

Chun Shui Tang
Original Chun-Shui-Tang Tea House

Keeping to its theme, it looks more or less like the Chun Shui Tang we visited a few days ago, a traditional looking tea house set over two floors. Outside is surrounded by greenery and the doorway is a traditional round one, the glass doors give it a contemporary twist.

Tree Decor
Tree Decor
Chun Shui Tang
Very traditional looking entrance 

We are seated upstairs. Again, it is quite busy inside but thankfully we didn't have to wait for a table this time! It reminds you of the old fashioned tea houses you see in old kung fu movies, with all wooden chairs, tables and floors, and the round doorways also found inside. 

View from CST
Upstairs seating area

Seeing as we had just eaten lunch we only order one plate of snack food, a delicious pan-fried taro cake  that we can enjoy with the large BBTs Mr L has ordered. They are very big! But suprisingly, we get through them quicker than we had anticipated. Perhaps the hot weather explains the unquenchable thirst we have- or maybe we just love the BBT here so much! It really is so good. 

Taro Cake
Just the right amount of flavour, salt and sugar. So moreish
Large cups of original milk tea and red bean tea
Don't be fooled! These original tapioca milk tea and red bean tea's were MASSIVE!!!

We chat more BBT with Mr L before returning to the office, today has also flown past, a blur of food, tapioca, syrups, powders and ideas. But it is time to bid farewell to Mr L, he still has lots of work to do in the office. We say our goodbyes and jump in a cab - destination? Back to Feng Chia for us! 

We loved the vibe from yesterday and seeing as it is our final evening and we didn't want to go back to the UK empty handed, this was the perfect place to pick up a souvenir or two for loved ones.

There was no difficulty finding gifts here, they sell just about anything you can think of, at very reasonable prices too! We spend about two hours traipsing the stores before we head back to hotel and start packing. A shame we have yet another early morning, we would have loved to spend more time here!


We get some fried chicken to go from a street vendor and eat it in the cab journey home. Our last street vendor fare till next time we're here. And trust me, that's reason enough for us to return!

Play time!
Smile! From the team!


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