Day 3 in Taiwan

Today we go out to visit the first of our manufacturers. Taiwanese people are notoriously shy, so we won't mention their names out of respect for them! One of the company's associates, Mr A, came to collect us from the hotel. The manufacturers is about a 15 minute drive away. We ask about the Taiwanese culture, and Mr A answers all our questions on the way there. We learn that Taiwanese people are very hard working and that family is very important to them. So far everyone we have spoken to has been very friendly, even though we don't really speak the language, they always have time for you and will help you if they can.


On the way
On the way, we drive past many bubble tea shops
 Even at the busy night market yesterday, big crowds are usually quite intimidating, but we felt safe and secure. There were no drunken louts in the streets, no fighting, it seems Taiwanese people are very relaxed and chilled out. At one point yesterday, one of our team left her shopping at Georg Peck. She didn't realise until half an hour later and she ran straight back. The shopping was still there  intact, people simply sat around it. It seems somewhat hard to believe, in another city that shopping would have been long gone!

When we reach the office, another associate, Ms J, comes out to greet us. Ms J has been working for this company for around ten years, she knows all the products and what methods to use to make the best tasting BBT. She deals with our company only as she is our personal rep, and it is lovely to finally have the opportunity to meet her. We spend the morning discussing their products, how to use them, and experimenting with making different kinds of drinks. It is a very informative session, and it means a lot to us, as we are able to then share this information with our clients, so you too can make the perfect Bubblelicious Tea!

So, the first thing we did was understand the importance that tea plays in a bubble tea drink. We learn the techniques and importance of measuring out a specific amount of tea and how much water you add for that amount. Not only that, we see that you also need the water at the correct temperature and then steeped for a certain amount of time. Amazing how something so minor can alter the tea tastes so much.

 Jug of Assam Black Tea
Our brew of hot Assam Black Tea ready to mix into our bubble teas.
Gorgeous aroma and taste

Following that, we begin to cook the tapioca. Tapioca surprises most people when they first see it because most do not expect it to be a very fragile ball of starch and when pressed, crumbles together.

Pouring the tapioca into boiled water
Cooking Tapioca
Regular stirring to ensure balls are separated
Cooked Tapioca
Our cooked and strained tapioca. Yum!
CE Certified Shaking Machine

We spend the morning practicing how to make the most out of our tea powders and practice combination flavours and various methods of using powders. All these will be up in our information sections and videos shortly. At around midday we break for lunch and Ms J takes us to Retrospect, a cafe near the office. Eating is a big part of Taiwanese culture, but you could kinda guess that from the pictures, right?!


There is even a well known phrase here that people have two stomachs, one for dinner and one for dessert!

Beef Noodles
Beef Noodles


Traditional tea kept warm by candlelight

Back at the office after lunch, we continue experimenting with the products again, and before we know it, it's time to wrap up and call it a day. Ms J and Mr H, the company director have made plans for us in the evening to visit a temple and then have dinner afterwards.

When we went out the first day yesterday, we did notice a lot of people burning incense, and setting up altars with offerings to the Gods. Not wanting to be disrespectful, we refrained from taking any pictures of the altars. It turns out yesterday was the Ghost Festival. If we would have went to visit the temple yesterday, it would have been a lot busier. They even have temples here for students wanting to pray for good exam results.

Temple Entrance


Inside of the temple we burn some incense, and Mr H shows us how to pray to the Gods and ask for guidance on life issues. There is a really calming feeling when you are standing inside, it is really peaceful.

Golden Statues

From the temple, we head to a street vendor to buy stinky tofu, which is a sort of fermented beancurd, deep fried. As we approach the vendor, there is a smell which we have been smelling all week.

A lot of street vendors sell stinky tofu in Taiwan, the smell is unmistakeable. One of the team initially thought it was the smell of the sewers! This delicacy has that kind of Marmite personality, you either love it or hate it! It was our first time trying this, and there were mixed reviews! It was interesting to try though, if you're ever in around these parts, give it a whirl!

 Steamed Stinky Tofu
This is steamed smelly tofu from the restaurant

Ms J and Mr H take us to a restaurant where a group of his old school friends are waiting. They are having a reunion, and this was a great way for us to find out more about the Taiwanese culture. This meal is al fresco, and although it is still really warm outside, it isn't unpleasant, the water misters help to keep us cool.

Big Chief

We are seated at a large table and there are about 12 of us, food is laid out all over the table. A lot of it is seafood, which is ordered fresh from a counter and taken into the kitchen and prepared  before being brought out to the table.




Pineapple Prawns

The meal is delicious, there are jokes and laughter, it feels so comfortable sitting together, almost like we are old friends! Usually in a situation where you meet lots of new people, it can be a little awkward, but not in this case. They welcome us, and even joke that Taiwanese people welcome guests by getting them drunk! Of course we didn't get drunk though, we're too cool for that! But the experience certainly helped break the ice and tap into what Taiwanese people are all about.


Beer and Seafood.. Good Times


It has been a thoroughly enjoyable day, and we would loved to have stayed longer, some of us are still not used to the time difference however, so it was back to the hotel for us!


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