Our first night in Taiwan...

This wasn't originally part of the plan, but we have decided to blog about our trip to Taiwan and give our bubbles, (you!) a taste of what it was like!

After missing our train to London and then almost missing both our planes, (Duty free shopping is dangerous!) we are finally arrive in Taipei after 11 exhausting hours! There is more travelling to come though, as we still have to make a journey to Taichung, where we will be staying.

The quickest way to get from Taipei to Taichung is by High Speed Rail (HSR). Its only early evening, but it is already quite dark outside. Upon walking outside of the airport, the first thing that you will notice is the temperature change. We was expecting it to be hot, but this was something else. Being Buddha-Palmed by a heatwave is more like it! The hot humid air envelopes you like a duvet, there is no escape! Luckily though, air conditioning is installed in the majority of places.


Perhaps the heat is a factor in why Taiwan is the birthplace to BBT. People need to drink a lot to keep hydrated, so it makes sense that they invented a cold refreshing tea as opposed to hot tea!


We finally make it to hotel at around 10:00pm, where we dump our luggage and hit the streets in search of BBT! We venture out to the area around the hotel, looking through the map the hotel provided, we see that there is night market nearby. Apparently there are many night markets in and around Taiwan, and they are a popular destination with visitors. The biggest one around Taichung is called Feng Chia, the nearest to us that we are going to is called Zhong Hua. Going out at night in an area you are not familiar with is probably not a good idea. We discovered this when we got totally lost! Eventually we make it there and find a small street lined with street vendors selling food and beverages. This was a welcome sight to our hungry eyes and bellies, having not really eaten on our journey there. (Airplane food? Bleurgh!)


Street food Stalls
One of many street stalls selling late night food
Pick n mix
Amazing array of choice...
Fish and chicken skewers

The vendors are everywhere trying to entice us with their goods, you catch a whiff of what they have to offer as you walk past. Catching our eye is a place doing some sort of BBQ, with everything on skewers. There's fishballs, tofu, beef and scallion rolls, sausages, chicken wings and much, much more. You really are spoilt for choice!

BBQ Choices

Spoilt for Choice


Making our selection, we take it over to the BBQ, where they sizzle away in front of us. The delicious aroma of BBQ only makes you hungrier! There is something about hot weather and BBQs that just seem to go hand in hand.


Picking our favourites

Worker picking out several skewers


Waiting to be cooked

Ours is queued up on the left hand side


Finally BBQ-ing our food...

BBQ-ing our food...smelt delicious!


We eat the skewers standing in the street, demolishing every last morsel, even licking our fingers to taste every last bit! We finish the night with a purchase of fresh papaya milk and watermelon juice, which is also prepared fresh in front of you. 



Fresh Fruit Drinks Stall

Fresh Drink Stand


Cutting Fresh Watermelon

Yummy!!! Fresh Watermelon


Even drink stalls have sealing machines...

Watermelon Juice and Papaya Milk to go


Looking around, the market wasn't as busy as we had expected, seeing as it was a Saturday night we had expected it to be heaving. With our bellies full, tiredness kicks in, we potter back to the hotel. The quest for BBT will have to wait till tomorrow!

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