Bubblelicious Tea August Update

We are now fully stocked in all lines of our products!

Wow! Its been hectic here at the Bubblelicious Tea HQ! First off, a big thank you to all our customers for keeping us busy! Thank you guys so much for your support!

To show our appreciation, we are having a big promotional offer on our jellies and syrups, with reductions of up to 60%! Perfect time to stock up guys!

Speaking of jellies, our brand new selection of jellies (Aloe Vera Jelly, Grass Jelly & Passion Fruit Jelly) will be arriving this month, with some exciting new products like bubblegum flavoured powders! Om-nom-nom! Many of our new products have been selected with you in mind; we use the feedback we get from you to help choose them. What other flavours will tantalise the taste buds here in the UK and Europe? We’re all ears!

Also, we’ve had our business cards completed…. 




Coolest cards in town!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Miss Leanne Walsh! Don’t forget to check her website out!

Coming up this month is our long awaited trip to the home of bubble tea, TAIWAN! The Bubblelicious Tea Team is going to celebrate our one-year anniversary in Taichung, where we will be hitting some of the best bubble tea joints in the world, and sourcing some of the best products to bring back to you! We will also be filming videos on how to use our products, which have been eagerly anticipated. If you have any questions about our products, please let us know!

As well as our videos, Bubblelicious Tea are also looking to have promotional posters designed. Obvious poster slogans are “Bubble Tea –The Snack Drink” or “Bubble Tea Sold Here”. More cheeky options are “Suck My Boba!” and “Fat Straw Required!”

Can you think of a good slogan? Send us your suggestions! Prizes for the best ones, which we will use on the posters!

We will also be putting up more reviews on bubble tea stores in the UK and Europe. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!

Thank you once again to our loyal customers, we could not do any of this without you! That’s why we have you in mind every step of the way, and the journey has only just begun!

You really are the bubbles in our tea!

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