Bubblelicious - July Update

Bubblelicious Tea is rebranding! What do you think of our new logo? We will be rolling this out within the next few months.

Big thanks to Leanne (Leanne Walsh Design) for this design. Be sure to check her website out.








We have lots going on this month and have been keeping busy. As some of you may know, we are flying out to Taiwan next month to create training videos especially for our products. We are hoping this is a more cost effective approach for your training. You will be able to see how traditional Taiwanese bubble tea is made, get all your questions answered from the manufacturers themselves and see how popular bubble tea is over there.

Please email or message us anything you wish to know - we will try cover all ground and all products as we are heading out to all our manufacturers. We are now on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so be sure to follow, like and subscribe to us to keep yourself fully up to date with the bubble tea market and training.

If you require additional training following this, we will be in a position to either bring someone over from Taiwan to host a class in Central London or one of our team can come out to your shop, as we have done for a number of our customers to discuss products, process and training.

We have a number of NEW PRODUCTS coming out next month including aloe vera jelly, grass jelly, passionfruit jelly and bubble gum flavoured powder. We have listened to your requests and we are making sure we act upon your needs so let us know if you want anything else. We will be extending our menu very shortly to accomodate more of your requests so watch this space.

Bubblelicious wants to maintain our high customer service levels by not only listening to your requests for training and new products but we also have been visiting you around the country to discuss products, check out your cafes and offered personal training sessions. We are also increasing our business section to answer the numerous questions we have on start ups. Do you enjoy reading our blogs to give you an insight into bubble tea markets across the world? We are looking to increase on this section as well.

We enjoy giving you this personal service tailored exactly for you. We understand a business is unique to you and with a product so 'new' in the UK - many of you would like more information on the market, how to make the products etc. Bubblelicious hopes to seal the knowledge gap here and will no doubt go all out to get you this info so just talk to us. 

Aware some of our products are out of stock - this is due to the great quality of the products being recognised across the European market and demand has soared for our original Taiwan products. We are now getting in weekly imports over the next 6 weeks so our products will be fresh and available in a very short time. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, we are always on hand for calls, email and text to keep you updated though.

Thanks for all your support as we approach our 1 year anniversary. We couldn't have done it without you so watch this space as we have some exciting news to announce in coming weeks that will no doubt be a big benefit to the bubble tea market in Europe.

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