Flo Tea Room - Vancouver, Canada

Whenever I'm stuck for ideas for a place to eat with my friends after practice or a random night out, my default is usually Flo Tea Room. Easily accessible without having to cross a bridge to Richmond where most of the bubbletea restaurants are, and the prices are just as accessible with meals and drinks to be had for under $10.

A popular menu in many Asian restaurants, mainly Hong Kong cafes or Taiwanese bbt restaurants, is the mini set. The portion is slightly smaller, but usually include a hot drink, and can be upgraded to a cold drink for or even a bubbletea drink for an additional charge. Even with the upgrades, meals can still cost only $8.50, which is really a great deal in Vancouver. Below is one of the basic drinks, Hot Milk Tea. The all mighty standard and base for the original Milk Bubbletea.

My friend ordered the Singaporean Laksa ($8.50) and while it looks alright, it certainly tasted more like a curry than a laksa. This is not where I feel Flo's strengths lie, and I don't fault them for it one bit.

I myself went with the Szechuen Beef Noodle Soup ($6.50), a dish that I've enjoyed countless times. It's similar to Taiwanese Beef Noodles, but with just enough of a difference to be something else entirely. The broth is not overly spicy, and the generous servings of beef brisket along with the mound of flat rice noodles lurking underneath is more than enough to be considered a meal.

I of course upgraded my drink to a bubbletea, and since the weather's been still a bit chilly here, I opted for a hot Black Sesame Milk Tea ($2.00 upgrade).

What I love most about getting hot bubbletea drinks, is the pearls are always provided on the side, so you have the option of adding as much as you want, or just snacking on them. There was enough in the little pot for 2.5 cups, definitely more than I would have gotten if it was a cold drink. The flavour of black sesame was overpowering, and I mean this in the best way possible. Definitely good for cold nights and went well with my noodles.

You'll notice I didn't include a picture of the Satay Beef Noodle, but since I didn't have the opportunity to try it, it would be unfair of me to pass judgement or comment on it. My meal including the bubbletea "upgrade" was $8.50, and after tip and taxes comes to be just over $10. All in all, a great deal and you'd be very hard pressed to find a complete meal for this price in non Asian restaurants. This is a main reason why Taiwanese/BBT restaurants are so popular and always busy. 

Flo Tea Room
7994 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 266-1555

Guest Blogger: Kevin Wu of 604 Foodtography
Flo Tea Room

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