DEHP Contamination - Taiwan

Regarding the recent incident involving food contamination in Taiwan, Bubblelicious Tea have been co-operating with our manufacturers to ensure any potential contaminations to our products have had stringent checks to ensure they are safe and have not been affected by this scandal.

In the last few weeks, it has emerged that a a Taiwanese supplier had used DEHP/DINP as a food addictive in a number of food items including syrups, fruit jams, juices and a number of beverages. Being a cheap substitute for palm oil, the supplier added the cancer-causing plastic addictive as a clouding agent to many products. The WHO have now issued a world-wide recall on these products as some products may have been exported to other countries.

Our company specialises in importing traditional stock from Taiwan and understand that this will have caused concern for many, especially for those buying bubble tea products. We are proud to say none of our products have been affected and we have certificates and reports from our manufacturers to state this fact. Under no circumstances would we ever risk your health, your reputation or ours.

However, as checks are still being carried out, products will need to be more stringently checked before we import in. Therefore you may experience a delay in stock for this.

As an update we have:

Arriving: 26th June, 2011:
- 7 new normal powders
- AQ milk tea and taro
- Dome lids
- Pudding powders

Arriving: 25th July, 2011:

- Cups (hard & soft)
- Jellies

Arriving 01st August, 2011:

- Syrups

Until then, please bear with us for any delays.

Please confirm your interest for a bubble tea training session. We have the opportunity to bring someone over from Taiwan to hold a bubble tea training course on how to make bubble tea the traditional Taiwanese way.

Learn the techniques to make powder drinks, syrups, tapioca etc as just a starter session.

Please email us your name, contact and preferred location.

Finally, we have a range of bubble tea promotional posters coming out very shortly. Watch this space for our promo materials and bubble tea.

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