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There's a place near my house that I frequent for great ice cream bubbletea, but when I stopped by they were busy like an ice cream truck on a hot summers day. Vancouverites are a funny bunch, at the first sign of sun we all clamour for cold drinks, even if the sun offers no warmth during May. Since I was rushed for time and was going to be late for ultimate practice, I walked back to a store I passed earlier. I've never tried them, but on this one block itself there are three bubbletea places! Three!


The interior felt VERY homey, the chairs had cushions and the walls plastered with wallpaper. Some Cantonese show was on when I walked in, and the smell of fried rice was in the air. Uhhh did I just walk into someplace completely different?! Nope, turns out that they offer some basic snack food along with bubbletea.


Knowing I wanted an ice cream flavour, I was surprised there was a cheesecake ice cream flavour available. I'm not sure if I've even seen cheesecake ice cream sold in grocery stores, so of course I was very curious. I asked if it was a combination of cheesecake & ice cream or if it was straight up ice cream that had cheesecake flavour (I'm sure there's a difference!), but all I got was "Yes it's very good". Uhhh I guess she didn't really understand me, but that's okay, at $4 for an ice cream bbt that's a steal. I ordered a mango to go.


About 4-5 minutes later, my drink was ready. Since I was having it to go, it came in a plastic cup and sealed. Actually, I'm not sure if having it in store would mean they would served it differently, but this is pretty much the norm for a lot of bubbletea places in Vancouver.


How was the taste? Not as intensely mango as a straight mango ice cream bbt would be, the cheesecake flavour was definitely evident but slightly muted. Just like the menu says, it did taste like a frozen slushy cheesecake with mango flavour. The pearls were cooked properly with the right amount of "qq" or chewiness and there was no uncooked starchy core! At only $4 (no tax!) and including pearls, this was a great deal, and a good alternative if my other goto place is ever busy again.


Kevin Wu of 604 Foodtography

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