Why Sell Bubble Tea?

Top Reasons to Sell Bubble Tea

If you thought that every possible drink was already represented on every High Street, from coffees to shakes, smoothies to pressés, then you have probably never drunk Bubble Tea, a unique drink from Taiwan. The drink looks different – served with a fat straw – and tastes fabulous. What other drink-to-go includes plump tapioca pearls which you can suck up and chew whilst you drink?

Bubble Tea is a drink which once tasted is never forgotten – it is sweet and refreshing and its pearls give a lift which can’t help but make the drinker smile.

 Bubble Tea comes in more flavours than all the Costa and Starbucks outlets can manage, with syrups available in fruit, nut, coffee and tea varieties.

 The exotic history behind Bubble Tea gives a great marketing edge to any retail outlet. It began in Taiwan and the ingredients are still sourced from there.

 Bubblelicioustea.com can provide next day delivery for all your needs for running a Bubble Tea outlet; and you’ll need that too, when you are serving endless cups of Bubble Tea to all of your new customers.

 And we’re not just talking tea – with jellies and fruit balls easily added in place of tapioca, there is a flavor for everyone. Imagine adding lemon jelly pieces to a cup of lemon green tea with a real burst and a twist.

 Because Bubble Tea comes in so many flavours a brilliant marketing tool is in your hands – ‘tea of the day’ has so many options when you can combine all the tea and drink options with the jellies and juice balls one by one.

 Customers can design their own favourite drinks. Unlike ordinary teas and coffees which do not make good displays, the bright rainbow colours and translucent juice and tapioca balls look mesmerizing ranged along the back of your counter – a magical riot of light to draw your customers back time and again.

 The fat straw designed to let the pearls get sucked up to pop on your tongue is a great gimmick. Teamed with special cups, they look cool as well – customers walking out carrying your Bubble Tea to go are an advertisement in themselves, especially when people see the Bubble Tea Smile!

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