Why Sell Bubble Tea?

In a market that has become increasingly saturated with beverage chains there is always an opening for something unique and independent from competitors. Bubble tea is no longer a dangerous and risky business venture, but an established and globally successful product that offers a high profit with low production costs. Bubble tea is extremely easy to prepare and can be made by anybody who is capable of using a blender and stove. It can therefore operate successfully in bubble tea bars, kiosks, restaurants, cafes and coffee houses.

On average a bubble tea shop will sell an estimated 150-350 cups a day with a potential to sell 500-1000 cups in a business savvy location. In the UK, most bubble tea shops will charge between £3.00-£3.80 GBP for one serving, with the costs in America ranging from $3.00-$3.50 USD.

As a UK supplier and a careful observer of the bubble tea industry, there is still plenty of room for bubble tea in the UK. As it is still relatively new to the mainstream consumers here, with the right advertising and marketing you have the potential to open up a whole new drinking experience for customers to convert to. Don’t wait to trail on the success of others - let us help you lead the way.

Bubblelicious Tea

Established in July 2010, the Bubblelicious Tea team have built our reputation up in the UK and Europe as having superb quality products with a customer service reputation to match. Now with more clients springing up internationally, we strive to ensure we always keep one step ahead of the trend. Our research and product sourcing has already taken us all around the world from the USA and Canada to Hong Kong and Japan that you can read about in our personalised blog - come and join us on our bubble tea adventure!

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