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One of the main reasons we get emails is from customers asking about training and what we offer and how much time is needed. Usually there are concerns over how to make the products as they've never heard of it before or it's a brand new concept in their city and they don't know whether what they are doing is 'right'. Other reasons could be that bubble tea might be in the pipeline for future plans for expansion but owners want to perfect their process or they may want training to their staff unit first but it is one of the main reasons for you contacting us.

Of course if you're a cafe owner, ready to embark on opening a bubble tea unit or even introducing to an existing menu, you will have many questions on the bubble tea process, which is perfectly understandable. We hope this article helps to answer many of the questions you are thinking about in regards to training but if we've missed anything out, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When training customers, they are usually very surprised about how simple the bubble tea process is. When they see how it's made, they are normally (pleasantly) surprised by the simplicity that they can integrate this into their menus quite easily. Some even wonder if there is some kind of secret formula to make bubble tea (which there is to an extent), but not in the way they think. In a nut shell, most places will make bubble tea using 6 main components - flavour, creamer, sweetener, ice, tea, water. The reason why many places tastes might differ is the RATIOS of those components, method of making and quality of products.

After numerous training sessions in the past ranging from half days to an ongoing session we are still in the middle of testing (still haven't finished and we've taken 20 hours already) to find the perfect recipe for each client, we're going to let you in on some of the questions raised during these sessions:


This can be for powders and syrups. This is the essence for that particular drink and must be spot on for your client to come back. A few questions to ask yourself whilst making the drinks:

- Does the powder drinks taste like the flavour?
- Is the flavour strong enough?
- Is there any kind of chalky taste about it? (Too much powder)
- Does the aftertaste leave any chalky taste?

We've found even adding a half scoop extra of powder or even just 5ml of syrup can make a big difference between an nice drink and a WOW, I'm definitely ordering that again kind of drink!



There are a number of creamers you can use from non dairy creamers, coffee mate, evaporated milk, condensed milk, full fat milk, soya milk etc. You can pick the right ones for your market, to make tailored drinks but you will need to practice with each to make a decision which to choose and the RATIOS you can use. Different creamers will have different effects and tastes on the drinks

- Does the drink have a smooth consistency?
- Is it creamy enough?
- Does it taste a bit too chalky?
- Is it easy to drink?


Again, there are a number of sweeteners you can choose from which again would effect the drink taste and ratios. Some of the ones we've seen used are sugar, low-calorie sweetener, fructose, sugar syrup, long-an syrup, honey, golden syrup etc.

Sweeteners tend to emphasise the flavour of the drinks and again, we have noticed a BIG difference when just adding 5ml to drink making it taste great and 10ml making it way too sweet.

- Does the drink taste like the flavour you're making?
- Is it too sweet?
- Will it be necessary for all drinks?


You will need to brew the tea before adding it to the drink so there will be two elements of testing here - what ratio to brew the tea and how much to add to the drink.  Some places may use A LOT of tea but it is very diluted and others may use a little tea which may be more concentrated. The COLOUR of the drink will be affected by the tea as well. If the tea is very dark, it will make the colour of the drink very dark.

- Does the drink have a nice tea undertone?
- Does the tea overpower the flavour?
- Is the tea the right colour?
- Are you using the right tea with the right flavour? (We had a customer mix jasmine green tea which has a very strong floral undertone with milk tea, making it a strange combination whereas assam black tea may have been more suitable)
- Will it be necessary for all drinks?


Again, there would be two elements to test here. How much water to add vs. how hot your water is. If you're using boiling water, it may be better to add less water and more ice as the boiling water would melt the ice to the right amount to fill your cup. If you're using colder water, you may want to add more water and less ice as less ice will melt to fill the cup
- How hot is the water?
- Is there enough to fill the cup?
- If you're making warm drinks, you will need to adjust your ratios for all other components to substitute no ice


Linked in with the water component, the type of ice would also make a difference to your drink and slushes etc.
- Is there a good proportion of ice/water?
- Is there too much liquid in the drink?
Bubblelicious Training


These are just a few of the questions we ask during training. Based on all the above - coupled with the methods (shaken vs. blender), it is quite easy to see why training can be done within half a day to numerous hours as you take into account the number of factors that can affect a drink. As stated earlier, almost every cafe will use the same basic recipes but the ratios and diffferent types of components listed above would differentiate their recipes from others in the market. Some will use a 2-2-2 ratios (2 scoops flavour, sweetener, creamer), others may use 3-2-1, or 2-1.5-2 etc, every cafe will be keeping their personal recipes, methods and ingredients secret to themselves - after all, they've spent time investing to make the perfect recipe so they're not going to give it away to everyone. 
To truly make a unique bubble tea, not only having quality products helps, but you will need to experiment, experiment, experiment. Go to other bubble tea parlours, taste their drinks, amend your recipes, mix ingredients and flavours up to suit YOUR market. Adjust ratios by 5ml, 10ml, 20ml - what's the effect? Does it taste different? 
We even cooked tapioca numerous times amending it by the MINUTE, e.g. cooked for 30 minutes, 31 minutes etc to find the right ratios for some customers and it does make a difference. Not every city is going to have the same tastes so make the right ones for your market. Ask yourself, would you drink it? Would your friends? Put a few samples out - what do your customers think?
Some places will charge for training and others you may need to travel out to. In effect, you would be doing the above, but perhaps making a drink that has a perfected ratio-recipe for THAT company. Why not practice and make your own perfect recipes that are unique to your company? Host a bubble tea party with all your favourite bubble tea drinking friends around and make as many different versions of the same drink amending above component ratios and see which ratios work best. Of course feel free to contact us any time with questions and organising training sessions.
There are absolutely 000's of different ratios, method and products to choose from hence training can take as long as required so why not purchase one of our bubble tea business kits and start practicing yourself? We have specifically designed our Bubble Tea Kits for you to practice and perfect your skills adding in all the core ingredients. We will give you our ratios and then you can experiment and adjust them to your liking. Those who will spend and invest time into perfecting their ratios will be the ones where customers will come back to time and again. Differentiate yourself from the market.
Experiment, be creative and don't be scared to try new things. 

Most of all, Have fun!

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Established in July 2010, the Bubblelicious Tea team have built our reputation up in the UK and Europe as having superb quality products with a customer service reputation to match. Now with more clients springing up internationally, we strive to ensure we always keep one step ahead of the trend. Our research and product sourcing has already taken us all around the world from the USA and Canada to Hong Kong and Japan that you can read about in our personalised blog - come and join us on our bubble tea adventure!

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