Bubblelicious Basic Menu

Inspiration for a Simple Menu

Here is a selection of drinks that can be created with Bubblelicious Tea products!

This is just a very basic guide to offer your customers for those new to bubble tea. This is keeping it simple so you can practice how to make the drinks with ease and familiarise yourself with all the different components. Once you know how to make them, fashioning your own combinations will be second nature!

(Also see our advanced menu for inspiration)


Personalise your drinks!
All of these drinks can be made according to preference!  Just ask your customer for their preferences (More sugar, No ice etc) and prepare the beverage just the way they like it. This way you can offer a fun and flexible menu comprising of:


Base + Flavour + Toppings + Sweetness level + Ice cubes

For instance, if you prefer a Passion Fruit Black Tea and Tapioca is your choice of topping, extra sugar and less ice cubes:


Black tea + Passion Fruit + Tapioca + Extra Sugar + Less ice



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