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Pretty much anyone can make an instant coffee but it’s only because they read the instructions and learnt how simple it was in the first place. Bubble tea is no different. When first confronted with the components required to make a delicious bubble tea you may suddenly feel a slight tinge of horror but don’t worry. Here at Bubblelicious Tea we aim to provide you with our very own instruction manual that will explain how each component contributes to your bubble tea so you’ll be an expert in no time.

Flavour - Powders & Syrups

Bubble tea is the cocktail of the tea world meaning flavours are essential to their distinctive taste and appeal. Flavouring is generally accomplished using powders or syrups although fruit, fruit purees and juices can also be used. Our powders come in three different varieties:

- Our Normal AIO Powders are all-in-one meaning they contain natural flavouring, sweetener and creamer to simplify the production process.

- The AQ Powders are our A-grade line. Also known as “double taste” powders because of the great taste they have. With raw materials sourced from Japan this range does require sweetener and creamer, making it perfect for creating custom made drinks.

- 3 Tea Powders are similar to the AQ Powders as they also require sweetener and creamer. This range received glowing reviews on taste.

- Bubblelicious Premium Latte Powders are deliciously rich in taste - made from top grade Japanese tea. These will make a classy addition to any menu.

Powders and syrups make different types of drinks. Syrups aren't usually mixed with creamers and milk as this will cause the drink to curdle therefore syrups are best mixed in teas or with water and/or ice to create a non creamy slush. Powders contain a non-dairy creamer so when mixed with tea or water and/or ice a creamier slush will be produced. Although we provide base flavours, we encourage you to experiment with them by mixing and matching to create new and innovative flavours.


Creamers enhance the quality of your bubble tea by giving it a rich and creamy flavour. Although our powders already contain a creamer you can still use an additional creamer to further accentuate the taste of your bubble tea. There are a variety of different creamers that can be used. Powdered creamers are common and useful because they offer a more consistent taste. Half and half is another popular creamer that is produced using one part milk to one part cream. Alternatively other dairy products like milk, coffeemate, evaporated milk and condensed milk can also be used to accomplish the task of a creamer. Remember not to use a creamer if you are using syrups to flavour your bubble tea.


Sweeteners are used to enhance the flavours in your bubble tea. One of the main appeals of bubble tea is the sweet taste that accompanies it - although be careful not to use too much as this will ruin the quality of the drink. Fructose is a popular and inexpensive sweetener that can be used to thicken the body of the tea whilst not being too sweet. Other popular sweeteners include white or brown sugar, honey and other sugar substitutes like Splenda.


The liquid is the main body of the drink that you will add the rest of the components to. Although tea was the original liquid base, the versatility of bubble tea means that milk, fruit juices and different types of brewed tea can now be used to produce it depending on the preference of your creativity or customer. Remember to choose your liquids carefully depending on the type of flavouring you choose to use (powder or syrup).

Texture - Tapioca, Juice-Balls & Jellies  

We now come to the main component that makes bubble tea stand out from the rest of its competitors. The tapioca pearls are no doubt the distinctive calling card of bubble tea; the component that many believe put the bubble in bubble tea. The most popular tapioca by far are the black tapioca pearls. Bubblelicious Tea tapioca is HACCP certified and has won many awards in Taiwan where they are produced - including the GMP award. Remember to cook your tapioca balls to the perfect consistency or they may end up ruining the drink rather than adding to its unique drinking experience. Refer to our recipe page for proper cooking instructions.Other than tapioca there is a smorgasbord of different types of textures (also known as 'toppings') for you to choose from - juice balls, jellies, fresh fruit - alone or in a combo they can be used for a unique tasting experience!

The key to a perfect bubble tea is practice, practice, practice.....and experimentation. Enjoy!


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