How do I store syrups?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

How many servings do I get per bottle?

Our standard bottles are 2.5kg (2,500ml). If you use x2 25ml shots per drink, this equates to around 50 servings per bottle. With the Premium syrups (and some others) the size is 1.3kg. This will make around 26 drinks per bottle.

How much syrup do I use?

Again, syrups are very strong and concentrated so only a little is needed. For a normal slush, we tend to use around x2 25ml shots. You can add more/less dependent on your preference.

What are the different syrups you have?

We have numerous flavours of syrups as you can see by our menu. The fruit syrups contain up to 25% real fruit juice content and can be used to make hot drinks, cold drinks, slushies etc. We also have a great tasting Premium range of syrups, longan syrup for tapioca and fructose syrup to sweeten drinks. Our range is expanding all the time so do pop back and check out what we have for you!

Do I use syrups and powders together?

No – they have different uses and should not be mixed. Powders tend to be creamier and are ideally used for milk-based drink like taro and milk tea.

Syrups are used for fruitier drinks for flavours like peach, green apple and lychee. Adding cream to syrups may curdle the drink. We offer a range of Premium syrups which can be used with creamer.

What do I use syrups for?

Our syrups are great tasting to create alternative drinks and really expand your menus. As syrups are strong and concentrated, you only need to use a little to get a fantastic flavour. Some uses are syrups are below:

- Fruity flavoured bubble tea

- Slushes

- Fruit-flavoured infused tea - e.g. hot passion fruit jasmine green tea

- Fruity soda pop drinks

- Ice cream/dessert syrups

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