What is the difference between your normal range and your AQ powders?

As we source from a number of well-known manufacturers in Taiwan, this opens our access to a various choices of products. AQ and normal range powders are sourced from 2 different manufacturers.

Our normal range powders provide an all-in-one (AIO, SW) service in that they have the flavour, creamer and sweetener all ready to quantities that have been tested for optimal taste and consistency.

Our AQ range have more servings per kg because you use less of it (30g) and will require additional sweetener and creamer.

We also offer our 3 Tea range which is similar to the AQ whereby additional sweetener and creamer need to be added.

Customers may want to use the normal range for a more simple process in a busy environment. Alternatively customers may wish to opt for the AQ range to give customers a choice in making it sweeter/less sweet or creamier. Both are popular choices and is entirely down to personal preference.

We also have Bubblelicious Premium Latte Powders - these are ideal for making hot beverages - already sweetened all that is required is steamy, frothed soya milk! 

How do I know what the quality is like?

Bubblelicious Tea is proud to advise that our normal range powders are ISO9000 certified.

ISO9000 refers to a quality management system and is a globally recognised certification to state products must meet a certain standard. A company must have a third body company provide confirmation that the organisation meets requirements of ISO9001.

Many of our competitors may not have certification, therefore products may not always be of a certain standard.

How long is powder shelf life?

Our powder shelf life is 1 year from production. This shelf life is for hot countries and can actually last longer in cooler countries. 

Once powders are opened, please store in air tight container and use within 28 days.

How do I store powders?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in an airtight container.

How many drinks can you 1kg bag of powder make?

Normal Range Powders:

Our normal all-in-one (AIO) range powders (1kg bag) uses approximately 60g per drink meaning each bag can make approx. 16 drinks. This is dependent on how strong you would like your drink as you would adjust accordingly. As the AIO powders already contain sweetener and creamer there is no need for you to add any additional although many cafes like to add a scoop of creamer for added richness.

AQ Range:

Our AQ range (1kg bag) uses approximately 30g and serves around 33-35 servings per drink. The AQ powders are known as our 'double taste' powders for their intense flavour. This powder does require additional creamer and sweetener which means you can tailor the taste to suit that of the customer. 

Bubblelicious Premium Latte Powders

Available in 5 great flavours: Matcha Green Tea Latte, Black Tea Latte, Earl Grey Latte, Rooibos Latte and Jasmine Latte Powders. We also do Premium Matcha Ten/Horai for the green tea connoissuers out there! The teas are made with top grade Japanese tea powders. Each 1kg bag will yield 50 drinks (300ml) @ approx 20g per serving. 

Bubblelicious 3Tea Range

Available in: Honeydew, Mango, Milk Tea, Taro, Vanilla. This range of powders we brought in as they received rave reviews for taste! Each 1kg bag can yield around 20 (500ml) drinks @ approx. 50g per serving. This powder requires additional sweetener and creamer.

*Please note that a mistake most cafes tend to make is that they will initially give a good measure of powder to create a strong flavoured taste and gradually reduce this amount making their drinks more diluted. Customers will notice the dip in quality of drinks if this is done and they are used to a particular formula you have used.

What do I use powders for?

Powders can be used for your normal bubble tea drinks and also drinks like milkshakes as they tend to be creamier. You can also use powders to create delicious ice cream flavours like taro which you would not normally find elsewhere.

Are your powders suitable for people who are Lactose intolerant?

Most of our flavoured powders contain creamer. Whilst this creamer doesn't contain the Lactose (sugar that some people are allergic to) found in dairy, it does contain Sodium Caseinate (protein found in milk). So whilst the products are lactose-free, they do contain another protein found in dairy and so strictly speaking some people with lactose intolerance could still react to this.
We therefore would not recommend our flavoured powders or creamer to people who are lactose intolerant.
Our AIO Powders however do contain Lactose and are therefore not suitable for people with Lactose allergies. 

Bubblelicious Tea

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