Tapioca Pearls

How do I store uncooked tapioca pearls?

For unopened bags, please keep them in a cool dry area away from sunlight.

For opened packets, please wrap them up tightly to ensure no air gets to them and use within 7 days.

You can also store in the fridge or vacuum pack them as well.

What is the shelf life of tapioca pearls?

The shelf life of our pearls is around 6 months from manufacture.

However, please note shipping time from Taiwan is normally 5-6 weeks.

How many servings do I get per 3kg bag?

Each bag will give approximately 90 servings dependent on serving size.

How long should I keep cooked tapioca pearls for?

4 hours is the recommended time. Any longer than this and the quality of the pearls will decrease. It is probably best to cook small quantities at a time to ensure none are wasted and they remain fresh at all times.

How do I store cooked tapioca pearls?

You can store them at room temperature and covered in sugar syrup/fructose/longan syrup to ensure the pearls do not start sticking to one another. Do not put them in the refrigerator as this will harden the balls. For fresh pearls, they should be consumed within 4 hours otherwise they may become too soft.

Why are my pearls too soft/too hard?

Pearls may be too soft as they have been overcooked and vice versa. They may be too hard as they have not been cooked long enough or because they have been kept in the refrigerator.

Pearls should not be kept for more than 4-6 hours because after this, they may become too sticky and soft. Also, please do not refrigerate them as they will become too hard.

For icy drinks like slushes, these may also harden the pearls. Some places avoid this by putting the tapioca on top of the slushy.

How do I make tapioca pearls?

You can follow our recipe on our blog found below:

Tapioca Pearl - 8.5mm Recipe

What are tapioca pearls?

The tapioca pearls are no doubt the distinctive calling card of bubble tea; the component that many believe put the bubble in bubble tea. (It is in fact the bubbles in the foam found after vigorously shaking that puts the 'bubble' in the name!)

Also known as ‘boba’ to some, the tapioca pearl is made up of sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar. When cooked properly, they will have the consistency of a 'gummy bear' in that it is soft and chewy

There are different types of pearls that can be found; we have the traditional 8.5 mm black tapioca pearl - this is by far the most popular type of tapioca.

Find out more about our tapioca here: All About Tapioca...

Remember to cook your tapioca balls to the perfect consistency or they may end up ruining the drink rather than adding to its unique drinking experience. Refer to our tapioca recipe for guidance: Tapioca Pearl 8.5mm Recipe

An alternative to tapioca balls are jellies, juice balls - even puddings can also be added for a unique tasting experience! We have a great ‘chew’ selection – pop back every so often to check out what’s new!

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