Bubble Tea Recipes

Can you send someone out to show me how to make bubble tea?

At present, we can give you the basic bubble tea recipes and let you experiment with them whilst explaining the variants you can change to tailor your drink. We also have our recipe blog but encourage you to experiment so you get the flavouring and taste you prefer.

As bubble tea is simple to make, we believe it’s better to experiment and have fun doing so.

Have a look at our training page: “Training

If you still require training, we currently offer free training at your premises subject to minimum spend of £3,000 within the M25.

Can we make hot bubble tea?

Yes, all the bubble teas can also be served hot – which makes it suitable for summer and winters.

CAUTION - Please be advised there that sipping hot drinks through straws may be dangerous and can cause burns. Please use a spoon.

Why are there so many recipes online?

Due to the many variations you can have, there is no single “right recipe”. It is all down to taste preference and your market. Your preference may not be liked by someone else and vice versa – you need to find the right combination and recipe. Of course there are some recipes better than others, but it’s all down to the same ingredients. Just different quantities and methods.

Am I supposed to use flavoured powder or flavoured syrups?

Bubble tea has evolved over the years from how it used to be made and there is such a large and varied menu you can create from both powders and syrups. Both have different qualities and will make different drinks.

Syrups can be used in a wide range of ways, from slushes and iced frappes, added into smoothies or even to make a flavour infused tea. Please note these drinks will not be creamy like the powders though. These flavours tend to be fruity.

Powders on the other hand can be creamier and have more flavours like taro, red bean and buco pandan. They can be mixed with tea, blended into shakes and work well in ice blends as well. These tend to be the more traditional, well-known flavours.

Both are simple to make and can just have ice and tea added to create a delicious drink.

Do you have any training videos or manuals on how to make bubble tea?

At present, we have some recipes available on our blog and e-recipes are sent out with orders. We are always available to answer questions over phone, email and text. Please visit our training page for more information: “Training” 

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