Do you have to add tea to bubble tea?

This is entirely up to you and your preference. Some people do not want tea and prefer to have water as a base in the drink instead. We are strong believers that adding tea makes the flavour slightly different, more aromatic one might say giving it a few different depths.

It can be argued that it isn’t bubble TEA without tea in it though! Some cafes will omit tea from their powder based drinks and only use in the syrup based drinks.

Do you sell red tea?

Red tea is the Chinese name for what we call ‘black tea’ in the west. They are in effect, the same thing.

Bubblelicious Loose Teas - See what teas we have! We are increasing our loose tea range – keep coming back to see what’s new!

What tea do I need to buy?

This is down to your own preference. The flavourings of the tea will slightly change the taste of each drink. We recommend you to use jasmine green tea for fruitier drinks and assam black tea or roasted oolong for the milkier drinks. For more information on how to brew tea please visit our blog page. There will be an informative section called "All About Tea..." We also send e-recipes out with orders.

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