Equipment and Machinery

What are the warranties on machinery?

Each machine will have a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Please keep in mind that as each product needs to be shipped back to Taiwan for inspection and so forth, this will potentially take 3 months to repair the problem.

What design does your sealing film have?

Our sealing film has a generic design which we change every so often – we also offer a plain sealing film.

What is the size of one scoop?

One level scoop measures approx. 17g

How many cups can a machine seal?

Each roll of sealing film:

  • Seals approx. 3,800 cups
  • Works out less than 0.01p per seal

What size cups do the machines seal?

The machine seals cups with a 95mm diameter.

What is a sealing machine and why are they used?

A sealing machine is used to form a plastic sealed lid over your cup ensuring no liquid escapes. This is ideal for take away cups as there will be no spillage and remain fresh for slightly longer. We also sell handy plastic bags (2-cup, 4-cup available) to hold the sealed cups in.

What does a shaking machine do?

A shaking machine shakes the drinks for you, saving you time and ensuring the drinks have been vigorously shaken. They are technically also the original way to make bubble tea.

Am I supposed to use a blender or a shaking machine?

This is entirely down to you and your preference. Bubble tea was originally made by vigorously shaking a cocktail shaker to create the foam and bubbles on top to make “bubble tea”. If you are doing this 100 times a day, you are most likely going to get tired – and probably very big muscles. A shaking machine will save time as they can shake 2 cups at once and you can prepare other things whilst the drinks are being shaken. This would be the original way to make bubble tea.

Some cafes use blenders to blitz the tea which also has the same bubble effect as a shaking machine.

Whichever you choose will be dependent on your café/how you sell your bubble tea. You may not have enough space for several blenders or may find a shaking machine more efficient as you only need to change shakers for each drink.

Why do you need fat straws?

Fat straws are needed so that the tapioca pearls/jellies/juice balls/ are sucked up with ease. We don’t discriminate here at Bubblelicious Tea though – we offer skinny 6mm straws too!

What equipment do I need to start up a bubble tea business?

Shaking Cup

- Measuring Scoop

- Containers for bubble tea flavor powders

- Container for cooked tapioca

- Stove top or burner to cook tapioca

- Pot to cook tapioca

- Strainer

- Cups & Lids

- Straws


We have an extensive range of equipment available for all your bubble tea needs - Equipment

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