Jellies and Juice Balls

How do I store juice balls?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

Why is there a pallet surcharge on juice balls?

Because of the fragile nature of our juice balls they are not shipped via our standard courier but by pallet. We do not make any profit from this. The surcharge will be dependent on your location. You can use the shopping cart to check what your shipping will be on the drop down button entitled ‘ENTER YOUR DESTINATION TO GET A SHIPPING ESTIMATE’

How do I prepare juice balls?

Not only great looking and colourful, adding another dimension to your drink, they require zero preparation. You can just add a scoop out the tub whenever you need.

Simple. Fun. Delicious.

What do I use juice balls for?

Coming in various flavours and colours, these juice balls will be sure to provide a fresh look and taste to your drinks or as a separate dessert. You can add them the bottom of your drinks replacing tapioca pearls or mix them up. Alternatively, you can mix in with slushes or have them separately as part of a dessert.

Experiment and enjoy.

What are juice balls?

These look like tapioca pearls but instead have juice on them and will pop in the mouth. They are also known as popping boba, coating juice. Each ball is filled with a fruity flavoured juice of your choice and when bitten, the juice flows out mixing with your drink or dessert. Yum! They taste fantastic and are a great alternative to pearls and jellies.

How do I store jellies?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

How much jelly should I use?

It depends on your use. You can use them same as your tapioca pearls, you can mix and match pearls and jellies or you can just add a scoop into a dessert like ice cream or fro-yo.

How do I prepare jellies?

Jellies are ready to serve and require no preparation. Just scoop into a cup or a bowl and its ready! 

What do I use jellies for?

Jellies are a popular alternative to tapioca pearls. You can choose to add them with the pearls or on their own. Some people prefer this because they require no cooking time. You can also create colourful drinks with different layers of jellies and pearl displays to make your own unique drink.

You can also add them to desserts for a fun, new way to use them.

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