Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we buy from you?

Below are a few reasons why we should be your first choice bubble tea supplier:

Established in 2010 as the longest serving bubble tea supplier in the UK, we have built up a reputable, experienced and knowledgable company with customers based all around and UK & Europe. 

• We have the largest range of products available with many different ranges within each category. There is no hard sell to push 1 size fits all drinks into your shop and we embrace individuality in creating your own unique drinks.

• Personal customer service – 1 rep will see your whole order through to ensure there are no issues and a professional service at all times. 

• Open office - Based locally in Central London (2 minutes away from the famous Oxford Street), you can arrange appointments to visit us or you can call, text, email or even Whatsapp us 09.00am - 17.30pm Mon-Fri.

• Negotiable prices – ordering in bulk? We can discuss giving you multi-buy offers and wholesale prices.

• Central location – reduced shipping and transit times – saves on costs for storage and MOQ from other manufacturers. For UK & EU, no import cost and worries.

• Quality Products - we have a range of certifications for each products and ensure all products we sell are of the highest quality.

Do you have premises we can visit?

Our office is located in Central London:


3a Lower James Street,





Closest Tube Station: Picadilly Circus (3 minute walk away), or else we are an 8 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station.

Give us a call to make an appointment and see us to discuss your bubble tea needs!

Are all your products from Taiwan?

Yes, unless stated otherwise (like our Premium powders which are from Japan). All our products come from and are manufactured in Taiwan (check out our blog where we go on factory visits).

Taiwan is home of bubble tea and where the original drink concept was created. There are literally hundreds of thousands of bubble tea vendors there, you could say that it’s their national drink! We choose to buy Taiwanese products because we believe that they are of the best quality. We have sampled bubble tea products produced elsewhere but they do not meet the standards of traditional Taiwanese bubble tea products.

What is the nutritional value of bubble tea?

Bubble Tea has become a name for such a wide variety of different drink types that a number of differing factors will affect the nutritional value of each individual drink. Some variants may include:

·         How much sweetener/creamer is used

·         What ‘chew’ elements (i.e. tapioca, jelly, juice balls) are in the drink

·         Amount of product the vendor uses

The beauty of it all is that every individual shop will have it's own secret recipe and can tailor their drinks to be as healthy as they wish it to be.

Individual product nutritional information will be available on all product labels for you.

Do your products contain artificial flavours and colourings?

Bubblelicious Tea offers one of the largest ranges of products for selling bubble tea from 100% natural to standard bubble tea items.

Some of our products do contain artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives due to high demand but there is normally a natural alternative you can select as well from powders to chew toppings.

Please contact us if you have any concerns and questions regarding our ingredients.


What is your minimum order?

We have no minimum order quantities but there is a minimum spend of £50.00 on the website.

We believe you should buy in what you need as and when you need it, whether for business or home use.

To obtain the best pricing though, we may impose MOQs on wholesale orders.

Do you have wholesale price lists?

Yes, these are offered subject to MOQ and minimum spend only.

In addition to this, we frequently have offers and discounts via our social network pages (Twitter and Facebook) so please follow and like to keep up to date with these.

Do you offer discounts?

We have discounts going on all the time and bulk-buy/multi-buy discounts, you can also contact us if you are buying a large order to see what we can do for you.

What currency is your site in?

Our currencies are all listed in Great British Pounds (£) – you can change to Euros (€) or USD ($) by clicking the button on the top right, nest to the search box.

If you wish to pay by other currency, please email us directly at

How do you accept payment?

We can accept credit/debit cards online, telephone banking and bank transfers.

Please note some charges may apply to credit cards.

Please do not send cash in the post though - we cannot accept liability for any lost cash posted.

Bank wire details:

Beneficiary Name: Bubblelicious Tea Ltd
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-11-18
Account Number: 14472756

Please include your name as reference.

International payments:

Beneficiary Name: Bubblelicious Tea Ltd
Bank: HSBC
IBAN: GB41MIDL40111814472756

*If you are paying by international bank transfer you MUST accept all charges otherwise your order will be HELD.

Do you do International Shipping?

Yes we do. We have successfully shipped within UK and various places in Europe already and can also send overseas. However, outside the EU, please keep in mind that you may need to clear your purchase through customs.

Please contact us for further information for international shipping outside of Europe.

Can we distribute your products?

If you wish to distribute our products, please contact us to discuss further or request a call back from us.

Bubble Tea Recipes

Can you send someone out to show me how to make bubble tea?

At present, we can give you the basic bubble tea recipes and let you experiment with them whilst explaining the variants you can change to tailor your drink. We also have our recipe blog but encourage you to experiment so you get the flavouring and taste you prefer.

As bubble tea is simple to make, we believe it’s better to experiment and have fun doing so.

Have a look at our training page: “Training

If you still require training, we currently offer free training at your premises subject to minimum spend of £3,000 within the M25.

Can we make hot bubble tea?

Yes, all the bubble teas can also be served hot – which makes it suitable for summer and winters.

CAUTION - Please be advised there that sipping hot drinks through straws may be dangerous and can cause burns. Please use a spoon.

Why are there so many recipes online?

Due to the many variations you can have, there is no single “right recipe”. It is all down to taste preference and your market. Your preference may not be liked by someone else and vice versa – you need to find the right combination and recipe. Of course there are some recipes better than others, but it’s all down to the same ingredients. Just different quantities and methods.

Am I supposed to use flavoured powder or flavoured syrups?

Bubble tea has evolved over the years from how it used to be made and there is such a large and varied menu you can create from both powders and syrups. Both have different qualities and will make different drinks.

Syrups can be used in a wide range of ways, from slushes and iced frappes, added into smoothies or even to make a flavour infused tea. Please note these drinks will not be creamy like the powders though. These flavours tend to be fruity.

Powders on the other hand can be creamier and have more flavours like taro, red bean and buco pandan. They can be mixed with tea, blended into shakes and work well in ice blends as well. These tend to be the more traditional, well-known flavours.

Both are simple to make and can just have ice and tea added to create a delicious drink.

Do you have any training videos or manuals on how to make bubble tea?

At present, we have some recipes available on our blog and e-recipes are sent out with orders. We are always available to answer questions over phone, email and text. Please visit our training page for more information: “Training” 


I haven't received my parcel yet - what do I do?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive your parcel, please contact us within 30 days of dispatch.

We send emails with tracking references when we dispatch.

As all our parcels are tracked and require signatures we will be able to track it down immediately and advise you within 24 hours of the delay.

What are shipping costs?

Due to the weight of our products, shipping costs are higher to accommodate this. We calculate our costs based on weight, locations and number of packages to decide whether to send a box via courier (from £6.20+ VAT per box) to a pallet (from £33.00+VAT) 

If you order over £150.00 GBP - shipping is free to anywhere Mainland UK but does not include fragile products which may require pallet surcharges.
European shipping times will be cheaper and competitive to market.

We do not profit from shipping costs.

How long are your shipping times?
Our cut off times for same day dispatch on a working day are listed below; any orders placed after this time will be dispatched the following working day:
13.30pm - Standard Courier 
11.30am - Pallet Delivery 
Our selected courier is Parcelforce Tracked and requires a signature upon delivery.
Our selected pallet delivery carrier is Europa & Pallet Line and requires a signature upon delivery.
Once your order leaves your warehouse, delivery will be 1-2 working days (excluding Public and Bank Holidays) subject to product availability and unless specified otherwise.

Within Europe, our delivery is 2-4 working days. Outside Europe, this will depend on weight and country.

As we are based in a central location, our transit times can be severely reduced to anywhere else in the world.

For out of stock items, there is up to an 8 week delay dependent on location.

Please contact us for further information if necessary.

Where are you based? Can we collect from you?

We are based in Central London, UK but also have warehouses in Birmingham and Clacton-on-Sea.

Due to health & safety reasons our warehouses are not open to the public.


Do you have to add tea to bubble tea?

This is entirely up to you and your preference. Some people do not want tea and prefer to have water as a base in the drink instead. We are strong believers that adding tea makes the flavour slightly different, more aromatic one might say giving it a few different depths.

It can be argued that it isn’t bubble TEA without tea in it though! Some cafes will omit tea from their powder based drinks and only use in the syrup based drinks.

Do you sell red tea?

Red tea is the Chinese name for what we call ‘black tea’ in the west. They are in effect, the same thing.

Bubblelicious Loose Teas - See what teas we have! We are increasing our loose tea range – keep coming back to see what’s new!

What tea do I need to buy?

This is down to your own preference. The flavourings of the tea will slightly change the taste of each drink. We recommend you to use jasmine green tea for fruitier drinks and assam black tea or roasted oolong for the milkier drinks. For more information on how to brew tea please visit our blog page. There will be an informative section called "All About Tea..." We also send e-recipes out with orders.

Tapioca Pearls

How do I store uncooked tapioca pearls?

For unopened bags, please keep them in a cool dry area away from sunlight.

For opened packets, please wrap them up tightly to ensure no air gets to them and use within 7 days.

You can also store in the fridge or vacuum pack them as well.

What is the shelf life of tapioca pearls?

The shelf life of our pearls is around 6 months from manufacture.

However, please note shipping time from Taiwan is normally 5-6 weeks.

How many servings do I get per 3kg bag?

Each bag will give approximately 90 servings dependent on serving size.

How long should I keep cooked tapioca pearls for?

4 hours is the recommended time. Any longer than this and the quality of the pearls will decrease. It is probably best to cook small quantities at a time to ensure none are wasted and they remain fresh at all times.

How do I store cooked tapioca pearls?

You can store them at room temperature and covered in sugar syrup/fructose/longan syrup to ensure the pearls do not start sticking to one another. Do not put them in the refrigerator as this will harden the balls. For fresh pearls, they should be consumed within 4 hours otherwise they may become too soft.

Why are my pearls too soft/too hard?

Pearls may be too soft as they have been overcooked and vice versa. They may be too hard as they have not been cooked long enough or because they have been kept in the refrigerator.

Pearls should not be kept for more than 4-6 hours because after this, they may become too sticky and soft. Also, please do not refrigerate them as they will become too hard.

For icy drinks like slushes, these may also harden the pearls. Some places avoid this by putting the tapioca on top of the slushy.

How do I make tapioca pearls?

You can follow our recipe on our blog found below:

Tapioca Pearl - 8.5mm Recipe

What are tapioca pearls?

The tapioca pearls are no doubt the distinctive calling card of bubble tea; the component that many believe put the bubble in bubble tea. (It is in fact the bubbles in the foam found after vigorously shaking that puts the 'bubble' in the name!)

Also known as ‘boba’ to some, the tapioca pearl is made up of sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar. When cooked properly, they will have the consistency of a 'gummy bear' in that it is soft and chewy

There are different types of pearls that can be found; we have the traditional 8.5 mm black tapioca pearl - this is by far the most popular type of tapioca.

Find out more about our tapioca here: All About Tapioca...

Remember to cook your tapioca balls to the perfect consistency or they may end up ruining the drink rather than adding to its unique drinking experience. Refer to our tapioca recipe for guidance: Tapioca Pearl 8.5mm Recipe

An alternative to tapioca balls are jellies, juice balls - even puddings can also be added for a unique tasting experience! We have a great ‘chew’ selection – pop back every so often to check out what’s new!


What is the difference between your normal range and your AQ powders?

As we source from a number of well-known manufacturers in Taiwan, this opens our access to a various choices of products. AQ and normal range powders are sourced from 2 different manufacturers.

Our normal range powders provide an all-in-one (AIO, SW) service in that they have the flavour, creamer and sweetener all ready to quantities that have been tested for optimal taste and consistency.

Our AQ range have more servings per kg because you use less of it (30g) and will require additional sweetener and creamer.

We also offer our 3 Tea range which is similar to the AQ whereby additional sweetener and creamer need to be added.

Customers may want to use the normal range for a more simple process in a busy environment. Alternatively customers may wish to opt for the AQ range to give customers a choice in making it sweeter/less sweet or creamier. Both are popular choices and is entirely down to personal preference.

We also have Bubblelicious Premium Latte Powders - these are ideal for making hot beverages - already sweetened all that is required is steamy, frothed soya milk! 

How do I know what the quality is like?

Bubblelicious Tea is proud to advise that our normal range powders are ISO9000 certified.

ISO9000 refers to a quality management system and is a globally recognised certification to state products must meet a certain standard. A company must have a third body company provide confirmation that the organisation meets requirements of ISO9001.

Many of our competitors may not have certification, therefore products may not always be of a certain standard.

How long is powder shelf life?

Our powder shelf life is 1 year from production. This shelf life is for hot countries and can actually last longer in cooler countries. 

Once powders are opened, please store in air tight container and use within 28 days.

How do I store powders?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in an airtight container.

How many drinks can you 1kg bag of powder make?

Normal Range Powders:

Our normal all-in-one (AIO) range powders (1kg bag) uses approximately 60g per drink meaning each bag can make approx. 16 drinks. This is dependent on how strong you would like your drink as you would adjust accordingly. As the AIO powders already contain sweetener and creamer there is no need for you to add any additional although many cafes like to add a scoop of creamer for added richness.

AQ Range:

Our AQ range (1kg bag) uses approximately 30g and serves around 33-35 servings per drink. The AQ powders are known as our 'double taste' powders for their intense flavour. This powder does require additional creamer and sweetener which means you can tailor the taste to suit that of the customer. 

Bubblelicious Premium Latte Powders

Available in 5 great flavours: Matcha Green Tea Latte, Black Tea Latte, Earl Grey Latte, Rooibos Latte and Jasmine Latte Powders. We also do Premium Matcha Ten/Horai for the green tea connoissuers out there! The teas are made with top grade Japanese tea powders. Each 1kg bag will yield 50 drinks (300ml) @ approx 20g per serving. 

Bubblelicious 3Tea Range

Available in: Honeydew, Mango, Milk Tea, Taro, Vanilla. This range of powders we brought in as they received rave reviews for taste! Each 1kg bag can yield around 20 (500ml) drinks @ approx. 50g per serving. This powder requires additional sweetener and creamer.

*Please note that a mistake most cafes tend to make is that they will initially give a good measure of powder to create a strong flavoured taste and gradually reduce this amount making their drinks more diluted. Customers will notice the dip in quality of drinks if this is done and they are used to a particular formula you have used.

What do I use powders for?

Powders can be used for your normal bubble tea drinks and also drinks like milkshakes as they tend to be creamier. You can also use powders to create delicious ice cream flavours like taro which you would not normally find elsewhere.

Are your powders suitable for people who are Lactose intolerant?
Most of our flavoured powders contain creamer. Whilst this creamer doesn't contain the Lactose (sugar that some people are allergic to) found in dairy, it does contain Sodium Caseinate (protein found in milk). So whilst the products are lactose-free, they do contain another protein found in dairy and so strictly speaking some people with lactose intolerance could still react to this.
We therefore would not recommend our flavoured powders or creamer to people who are lactose intolerant.
Our AIO Powders however do contain Lactose and are therefore not suitable for people with Lactose allergies. 


How do I store syrups?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

How many servings do I get per bottle?

Our standard bottles are 2.5kg (2,500ml). If you use x2 25ml shots per drink, this equates to around 50 servings per bottle. With the Premium syrups (and some others) the size is 1.3kg. This will make around 26 drinks per bottle.

How much syrup do I use?

Again, syrups are very strong and concentrated so only a little is needed. For a normal slush, we tend to use around x2 25ml shots. You can add more/less dependent on your preference.

What are the different syrups you have?

We have numerous flavours of syrups as you can see by our menu. The fruit syrups contain up to 25% real fruit juice content and can be used to make hot drinks, cold drinks, slushies etc. We also have a great tasting Premium range of syrups, longan syrup for tapioca and fructose syrup to sweeten drinks. Our range is expanding all the time so do pop back and check out what we have for you!

Do I use syrups and powders together?

No – they have different uses and should not be mixed. Powders tend to be creamier and are ideally used for milk-based drink like taro and milk tea.

Syrups are used for fruitier drinks for flavours like peach, green apple and lychee. Adding cream to syrups may curdle the drink. We offer a range of Premium syrups which can be used with creamer.

What do I use syrups for?

Our syrups are great tasting to create alternative drinks and really expand your menus. As syrups are strong and concentrated, you only need to use a little to get a fantastic flavour. Some uses are syrups are below:

- Fruity flavoured bubble tea

- Slushes

- Fruit-flavoured infused tea - e.g. hot passion fruit jasmine green tea

- Fruity soda pop drinks

- Ice cream/dessert syrups

Jellies and Juice Balls

How do I store juice balls?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

Why is there a pallet surcharge on juice balls?

Because of the fragile nature of our juice balls they are not shipped via our standard courier but by pallet. We do not make any profit from this. The surcharge will be dependent on your location. You can use the shopping cart to check what your shipping will be on the drop down button entitled ‘ENTER YOUR DESTINATION TO GET A SHIPPING ESTIMATE’

How do I prepare juice balls?

Not only great looking and colourful, adding another dimension to your drink, they require zero preparation. You can just add a scoop out the tub whenever you need.

Simple. Fun. Delicious.

What do I use juice balls for?

Coming in various flavours and colours, these juice balls will be sure to provide a fresh look and taste to your drinks or as a separate dessert. You can add them the bottom of your drinks replacing tapioca pearls or mix them up. Alternatively, you can mix in with slushes or have them separately as part of a dessert.

Experiment and enjoy.

What are juice balls?

These look like tapioca pearls but instead have juice on them and will pop in the mouth. They are also known as popping boba, coating juice. Each ball is filled with a fruity flavoured juice of your choice and when bitten, the juice flows out mixing with your drink or dessert. Yum! They taste fantastic and are a great alternative to pearls and jellies.

How do I store jellies?

Unopened – in a cool dry place.

Opened – in a fridge.

How much jelly should I use?

It depends on your use. You can use them same as your tapioca pearls, you can mix and match pearls and jellies or you can just add a scoop into a dessert like ice cream or fro-yo.

How do I prepare jellies?

Jellies are ready to serve and require no preparation. Just scoop into a cup or a bowl and its ready! 

What do I use jellies for?

Jellies are a popular alternative to tapioca pearls. You can choose to add them with the pearls or on their own. Some people prefer this because they require no cooking time. You can also create colourful drinks with different layers of jellies and pearl displays to make your own unique drink.

You can also add them to desserts for a fun, new way to use them.

Equipment and Machinery

What are the warranties on machinery?

Each machine will have a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Please keep in mind that as each product needs to be shipped back to Taiwan for inspection and so forth, this will potentially take 3 months to repair the problem.

What design does your sealing film have?

Our sealing film has a generic design which we change every so often – we also offer a plain sealing film.

What is the size of one scoop?

One level scoop measures approx. 17g

How many cups can a machine seal?

Each roll of sealing film:

  • Seals approx. 3,800 cups
  • Works out less than 0.01p per seal
What size cups do the machines seal?

The machine seals cups with a 95mm diameter.

What is a sealing machine and why are they used?

A sealing machine is used to form a plastic sealed lid over your cup ensuring no liquid escapes. This is ideal for take away cups as there will be no spillage and remain fresh for slightly longer. We also sell handy plastic bags (2-cup, 4-cup available) to hold the sealed cups in.

What does a shaking machine do?

A shaking machine shakes the drinks for you, saving you time and ensuring the drinks have been vigorously shaken. They are technically also the original way to make bubble tea.

Am I supposed to use a blender or a shaking machine?

This is entirely down to you and your preference. Bubble tea was originally made by vigorously shaking a cocktail shaker to create the foam and bubbles on top to make “bubble tea”. If you are doing this 100 times a day, you are most likely going to get tired – and probably very big muscles. A shaking machine will save time as they can shake 2 cups at once and you can prepare other things whilst the drinks are being shaken. This would be the original way to make bubble tea.

Some cafes use blenders to blitz the tea which also has the same bubble effect as a shaking machine.

Whichever you choose will be dependent on your café/how you sell your bubble tea. You may not have enough space for several blenders or may find a shaking machine more efficient as you only need to change shakers for each drink.

Why do you need fat straws?

Fat straws are needed so that the tapioca pearls/jellies/juice balls/ are sucked up with ease. We don’t discriminate here at Bubblelicious Tea though – we offer skinny 6mm straws too!

What equipment do I need to start up a bubble tea business?

Shaking Cup

- Measuring Scoop

- Containers for bubble tea flavor powders

- Container for cooked tapioca

- Stove top or burner to cook tapioca

- Pot to cook tapioca

- Strainer

- Cups & Lids

- Straws


We have an extensive range of equipment available for all your bubble tea needs - Equipment

Business Questions

Do you have samples?

Please email us if you would like to sample any of our products.

What other equipment do I need to consider when planning my bubble tea business?

- Water system  

- Boiling/Cold drinking water supply

- Faucet and sink

- Storage tank for ice / ice machine

- Drawers

- Power points

- Shelves for powder

- Till / POS system

- Display shelf (optional to showcase toppings)

- Storage space for additional stock

Bubblelicious Tea

Established in July 2010, the Bubblelicious Tea team have built our reputation up in the UK and Europe as having superb quality products with a customer service reputation to match. Now with more clients springing up internationally, we strive to ensure we always keep one step ahead of the trend. Our research and product sourcing has already taken us all around the world from the USA and Canada to Hong Kong and Japan that you can read about in our personalised blog - come and join us on our bubble tea adventure!

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